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48HFP World Tour: A Showcase Of 48HFP Events In Different Cities Across The GlobeFriday, September 6, 2019


One of the really cool things about the 48 Hour Film Project is that it's a GLOBAL competition. In each of the over 120 cities around the world on our tour list, the filmmaking rules and basics of the competition are the same. But at the same time, the way that each city's events are run are specific to the culture and personality of their individual filmmaking communities, which creates a truly unique experience for each city.

Whether it's selling t-shirts, producing stylish red carpet events, or just how they get the word out about their competition, every location puts their own little spin on what the 48HFP means to them. So we thought it would be fun to give you a quick peek at how different 48HFP events are run in some of our various cities all over the world.

What events are happening in YOUR city? Go to to find your city and sign up for their email list to find out when we'll be returning, and what fun film events are happening in the meantime.




In Berlin, Germany, there are murals painted on the streets all throughout the city advertising the 48HFP.






In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, they had a camera robot taking 1000 fps images during the Kickoff event, similar to what E! does with their Glambot






In Orlando, Florida, legendary actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa came to speak at their Kickoff event.







In Santiago, Chile, the producers go out to film schools & universities to recruit student teams using this special information center that they created.






In Seattle, Washington they sell a variety of 48HFP and film branded t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise at their events.





At the San Francisco, California Kickoff event, teams had to pop balloons with their genre choices written inside. 


67180107_2770642892975649_5490137470479630336_nIn Madison, Wisconsin, they have a movie poster contest to help promote their films--check out the time-lapse video from one of this year's entries!


This year's Los Angeles, California screenings had an extra special event--a wedding proposal! 



Screen_Shot_2019-09-03_at_11.04.16_AMIn Rotterdam, the Netherlands (location of our next Filmapalooza), our producers Hans and Jasper and are known for wearing their matching purple suits to the Academy Awards-style event they put on to announce the winning films. Watch a video of their full awards event here.




Remember, check out to find out when the 48 Hour Film Project is returning to the city nearest you, click here to learn how to bring the 48HFP to your city if we're not already there, or go here to compete in the Four Points Film Project no matter where on Earth you live!

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