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Liz Langston & The 48HFP Featured On PBS Show ¡COLORES!Monday, August 27, 2018


Winning 48HFP films from 2017, presented by Executive Producer Liz Langston, were featured on the New Mexico PBS show ¡COLORES! last month.

In the 30 minute segement, Langston was interviewed by host Megan Kamerick about last year's tour and our most recent Filmapalooza in Paris. The episode also featured three of last year's global award-winning films: "Ride Of Your Life" by Partially Submerged Elephants (Buffalo), "That's La Vie" by ZERO (Rome), and the 2017 48HFP Grand Champion film "La Grande Ourse" by FD Prod (Clermont-Ferrand).

¡COLORES! is a weekly art series with stories devoted to the creative spirit. On the show, Langston spoke a lot about how the 48HFP films show the potential for creativity. "One thing you have to know about the 48 Hour Film Project is that these were not even an idea in somebody's mind before Friday night..." she said, referring to the filmmaking weekend. She goes on to talk about some of the creativity that went into the individual films, from sound design to script, to choice of location.

Kamerick wrapped up the interview by asking what keeps her doing the 48HFP. Langston shared her answer--one of the driving forces that makes the 48HFP such a unique global event. "You have these people from all over the world, and when they come together at Filmapalooza, they're so different--they look different, they dress differently, but at heart, they've got the same motivation--they want to make art. They want to tell their story."

Watch the full interview and all three films featured in the episode below.


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