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The 48 Hour Films Project Heads To Cannes!Tuesday, May 8, 2018


The red carpet was rolled out today for day one of the most famous film festivals in the world--Cannes Film Festival. And that same red carpet that numerous stars and celebrities from around the world will walk down will also pave the way for a group of 48 Hour Filmmakers attending Cannes for our annual 48HFP screening at the Short Film Corner!

The 48HFP will showcase 16 of our top films from around the world this year, in a very special screening at Cannes.

The contingent of 48HFP filmmakers from around the world will attend screenings, go to parties, check out the film market, and have the ultimate experience that any filmmaker expects when they hear the name of the festival, Cannes!

Our 48HFP films will screen on May 14th as part of the Short Film Corner at The Palais, the official festival theatre. You can follow along and get a taste of the Cannes experience yourself by searching for #48HFPCannes on your favorite social media channel.

In addition to our regular screening, HP is back to sponsor their annual Masters of the Short Film competition in partnership with the 48HFP, where competitors are flown in to Cannes to compete in a very special 48HFP filmmaking event. 

The 48 Hour Film Project could be YOUR chance to head to Cannes to see a film of your own screen--each 48HFP city winner is eligible to  be a part of the annual 48HFP screening in Cannes.

But you've got to compete to win-take a look at our tour schedule to find out when the 48HFP is coming to a city near you!

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