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Keeping Yourself Motivated As A FilmmakerFriday, January 19, 2018


Filmmaking, as with any other sort of creative endeavor, can be very tough.

Constantly having to come up with new ideas on top of the hustle & bustle of every day life can sap the creativity and energy out of even the most dedicated filmmakers.

So how are you supposed to recharge when your artistic battery starts to run low?

Here are a few ways to keep yourself motivated and fresh when your filmmaking drive starts to wane.

1. Watch your favorite films

You probably became interested in becoming a filmmaker because you loved certain films.

So return to your roots!

When you get to the point that you're making films on a regular basis it can turn into a J-O-B, just like any other.

But don't forget that there's something magical about films. Take a trip down memory lane and you'll be amazed at how inspired you can get by watching the movies that made you want to become a filmmaker in the first place.

2. Surround yourself with creativity

As humans, we tend to learn by osmosis--so if you put yourself in creative surroundings, it becomes much easier to channel that creativity into your own work.

Hang out with other people in the filmmaking industry--it's fun, and it also acts as a sort of creative support group that lets you blow off steam and re-energize. Also, many great film ideas have sprung forth from late night conversations with film aficionados at the bar, so it could be a good opportunity to brainstorm your next project.

Need some alone time? You could get just as inspired by walking around your favorite museum or gallery.

Put yourself right in the heart of things and creativity has a way of finding its way in to your soul and out to your next project.

3. Help out a nonprofit

There's thousands of places that don't have a budget that could benefit from a good video project.

This is your chance to give back in a way that will directly benefit an organization that probably needs your help.

Pick your favorite charity or cause and see how you can get involved.

Whether it's creating a promo video, helping them shoot a commercial, or volunteering to work on a specific marketing project, there are probably many ways you can get involved.

Giving back to a cause that you believe in is one of the best ways to get your blood pumping again.

4. Dive into a 48 Hour Film Project

Nothing kickstarts creativity like a hard deadline, and we all know that in 48 hours, anything can happen!

For years, the 48HFP has been an annual tradition not just for the weekend warrior filmmakers, but also the ones working on film day in and day out.

Working for clients can suck sometimes, and after a while even the most creative media makers need a break.

The 48HFP provides a welcome relief to the day to day duldrums that sometimes creep into the lives of filmmakers that make a living pumping out marketing videos and promos for other people. Find the closest 48HFP competition to you on our 2018 Tour Page--we're already locking in dates for this year's events, so be sure to check back so you can save the date and get your own infusion of 48HFP filmmaking motivation!

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