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Alumni Achievements: Polish 48HFP'ers Make "The Witcher" Fan FilmMonday, January 22, 2018


Fantasy novel readers across the world will already be familiar with Andzrej Sapkowski’s popular "The Witcher" novels. And now they'll have a chance to see their favorite characters spring to life on their TVs, thanks to a Netflix produced series set to come out later this year. But even before that, "The Witcher" fans will be able to get a taste of Sapkowski's monsters and slayers through a fan film created by some of our 48HFP filmmakers in Poland.

ALZUR’S LEGACY (under Polish title “Half Century of Poetry Later”) is a medium length fan film (about 55 minutes long) based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher Saga. The fantasy film, set in the dark ages, follows the story of a young renegade sorceress suspected of obtaining the legendary Alzur’s Almanach . She is pursued by Triss Merigold, a veteran sorceress, and along the way encounters famous bard Dandelion and the witcher Lambert.

The project was conceived and created by members of the 48HFP team Pół Wieku Później from Poland, where they have participated in multiple cities. Big fans of the Sapkowski novel series, they didn't set out to make their fan film for fame or fortune, but rather to pay homage to the author. They raised over $8,000 for the film via an IndieGoGo campaign, and additional funds through another Polish crowdfunding platform.

The film has actually been in production since 2015, but as the project grew bigger and bigger they realized they needed to raise additional funds. The production team spared no expense when it came to bringing Sapkowski's characters to life--the short film sports an original score, real medieval scenery, hand sewn costumes, and armor and weaponry made by craftsmen of historical reconstruction teams. On top of that, the film features CGI, professional stunts and stage fighting, and of course, boatloads of film equipment.

But the end product will be worth it for the ravenous fans waiting for the film to come out. The trailer was posted at the end of November and already has well over 280,000 views. While there's no release date set, production on the film wrapped up last year and we expect it to be available before Netflix launches their own take on the series later this fall. For more information about ALZUR'S LEGACY, check it out their Facebook fan page or the official website

Watch the trailer for ALZUR'S LEGACY

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