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Alumni Achievements: 10 Year Old Filmmaker & Actress Wins Big In New Haven 48HFPThursday, December 28, 2017

abigail-friend-7Many people have filmmaking dreams from a young age, but very few turn those dreams into reality. But Abigail Friend decided that her young age was simply not going to stop her from achieving her goal of making a film. So she did just that, competing in her first 48HFP competition earlier this year at the ripe old age of 10.

Friend made her first film as part of the New Haven 48HFP. Even though she has been participating in the competition as an actress for the past four years, this was the first film that she wrote, produced, and directed. She also played the lead actress in the film, titled "Apples for Bullies."

Friend was by far the youngest team leader to compete in the New Haven 48HFP, and possibly the youngest in the history of the global 48HFP. Her mother thinks that filmmaking is something Abigail will stick with throughout her life. At the very least, she's already planning on returning to the 48HFP next year to make a film.

“The contest is so much fun,” said Friend. “You get to work with people you know, and bring your vision to life.”

Though this was her first time behind the camera, Friend is no stranger to working in front of it as an actress. She started acting at the age of five, and has been in over 60 productions, including appearances in The OA, Law & Order: SVU, and Blue Bloods.

It was quite an achievement for Friend merely to make a film at such a young age. But on top of that feat, her 48HFP film "Apples for Bullies" took home four different awards, including Best Drone Shot, Best Music Score, Best Youth Actor, and Filmmaker of the Future: Young Woman of the 48. With such a collection of awards in her stable already, we're already expecting big things for Abigail in her future with the 48HFP and the rest of her filmmaking and acting endeavors.

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