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How To Join Or Start Your Own Four Points Film Project TeamThursday, October 26, 2017


Looking to join a 4PFP team or need to find cast or crew for your own team? We've put together this short list of a few things that you can try.

1) Post on the Facebook page of the 48 Hour Film Project city that is closest to your location. Be sure and let people know what city/town in which you are located. You might also send a message to the producer of the closest 48HFP city and ask if they know of anyone who is participating in the 4PFP. A list of 48HFP cities can be found here:

2) Post on the official 4PFP Facebook group page. Make sure you include the country and city in which you are located:

Note: All non-4PFP related posts will be deleted.

3) Post about the 4PFP on your personal Facebook or social media page (hashtag #4pfp). Add this link so your family and friends can learn more about the competition:

4) Search the internet for local film organizations in your area and see if they know of anyone participating.

5) Check with your local colleges and/or universities. Many have media and film programs that might have students participating.

6) Check with local video and media companies. Many of these companies form teams for the 48 Hour Film Project and the Four Points Film Project.

7) Your city government might have a local film office. Check with them!

Finally, be creative. Talk to people at coffee shops, post on local bulletin boards. You never know who you will meet!

Good Luck!

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