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Four Points Film Project Could Be Your Ticket To Cannes!Wednesday, October 18, 2017


You made your 48 Hour film this year.  You may have even taken part in a special 48HFP genre competition.  But you're still jonesing for more.  Look no further than the the Four Points Film Project (4PFP)!

4PFP is the official online-only timed filmmaking competition of the 48 Hour Film Project. And it's open to anyone in the world, even if there's not a regular 48HFP in your city! It is the same concept as the 48HFP, but filmmakers have 77 hours to complete their films, and the Kickoff Event and Dropoff Event are handled online so that location is not a barrier.

This year's 4PFP will be November 10th - 13th. The top 4PFP film will be awarded $3000 USD and will screen at both Filmapalooza 2018 AND the Cannes Film Festival 2018 Short Film Corner. So anyone has a shot at getting to Cannes, no matter where you live in the world, or even if you've competed in the 48HFP before!

Sign up now to get your chance to screen in Cannes:

What kinds of filmmakers participate in the 4PFP? All kinds--from students to weekend warriors to seasoned pros, 4PFP gives filmmakers from all around the world a chance to flex their filmmaking muscles in a unique online competition. 

Don't believe us? Check out this story about Finnish filmmaker Joonas Makkonen. His team Jo-Jo the Dog Films won the 4PFP in 2014 for their film "The Fine Artists," automatically sending their winning film to screen at Cannes as part of our special 48HFP screening in the Short Film Corner. For most filmmakers, having their film screen at Cannes is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But for Makkonen, it happened twice--in the same year! 

Makkonen's first feature film "Bunny the Killer Thing" was premiered at Cannes that same year. This film was based off a short he had done a couple years earlier, and later expanded into a feature. Having TWO films at Cannes that year helped thrust Makkonen into the spotlight and help him land a distribution deal for "Bunny the Killer Thing."

Need more inspiration? Check out Makkonen's winning 4PFP film below, along with several other winning films from the past few years. Don't forget to register your team to make your own film AND get a shot at have it screening at Cannes by signing up at


"The Answer" by Amalgamated Grommets

4PFP Best Film, 2016

"Who Am I" by NOBS

4PFP Best Film, 2015

"The Fine Artists" by Jo-Jo the Dog Films

4PFP Best Film, 2014

"Joint Effort" by Gorilla With a Mustache Films

4PFP Best Film, 2013

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