Los Angeles, California August 1 - 3, 2014

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Clubhouse 122 for winning Best Film of 2014. Their film Gorilla-Mädchen will go on to represent Los Angeles against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2015.

1st Place: Best Film of 2014

Gorilla-Mädchen by Clubhouse 122

2nd Place: Best Film of 2014

Ryde Share by Sethward Productions

Required Elements

  • Character: Sam or Sarah Joel, Expert
  • Prop: a napkin
  • Line: "That's what I'm talking about." (or "That is what I am talking about.")

Audience Favorite: Group A

Threshold by hygiene

Audience Favorite: Group B

Milo Gets Exorcised by Team Rocket

Audience Favorite: Group C

Press COOK by Rogue Division

Audience Favorite: Group D

Fiend by Danny Schramm Productions

Audience Favorite: Group E

Hanky Panky by Happy Canyon Club

Audience Favorite: Group F

Ryde Share by Sethward Productions

The Woman Who Slipped by Moxie

Audience Favorite: Group G

Gorilla-Mädchen by Clubhouse 122

Audience Favorite: Group H

What's Uptick? by Canyon Ranch Cinema

Best Writing

Gorilla-Mädchen by Clubhouse 122

Best Editing

Threshold by hygiene

Best Directing

Gorilla-Mädchen by Clubhouse 122

Best Cinematography

One Day by Grizzly Productions

Best Sound Design


Best Musical Score

One Day by Grizzly Productions

Best Actor

Tommy Kearney Collared by Hockey Hair, Inc.

Best Actress

Tennile Goosic "Processing" by BlankFilms

Best Ensemble Acting

Parking by IZZO Entertainment

Best Graphics

Ryde Share by Sethward Productions

Best Special Effects

The Date Escape by Trinoceros

Best Costumes

The Woman Who Slipped by Moxie

A Journey Back by Just Shoot It!

Best Make Up

A Journey Back by Just Shoot It!

Best Use of Character

The Nut Job by Heisenberg's Heroes

"Processing" by BlankFilms

Best Use of Prop

Collared by Hockey Hair, Inc.

Best Use of Line

Avoidance by Zontal Studios

Best Use of Genre

Fiend by Danny Schramm Productions

Collared by Hockey Hair, Inc.

Best Practical Effects

A Journey Back by Just Shoot It!

Best Production Design

The Woman Who Slipped by Moxie

2014 Film List

  • '97 by Sia Later FOAO

    Selling the future ain't easy.

  • "Processing" by BlankFilms

    Even in death, there is paperwork.

  • 24 Hours of Peace by Supergroup

    When a young pizza delivery boy responds to an ordinary call, he's faced with making a decision.

  • 99 Problems But the Beach Ain't One by Mykitta Bros

    Sam Joel, sea expert, takes his downtrodden buddy on a long-anticipated road trip to the beach

  • A Journey Back by Just Shoot It!

    Sometimes the Ending is Just the Beginning

  • A Little Art Business by Heres Looking At You Productions

    An illegal art deal is interrupted by two burglars, and betrayals follow as secrets are revealed...

  • Avoidance by Zontal Studios

    By avoiding his past, a desperate man ruins his future.

  • AWOL by The Fun House Production

    Boy runs for his life because of his dad troubled past

  • Bar Sinister by The Real Hollywood Tower Players

    A heartbroken young man with a dark past makes a deal with the Devil.

  • beyond the stars by Upper State Entertainment

    one girl struggles between her dream of becoming and astronaut and starting a family.

  • Bitter-Sweet by Broken Hologram

    a day of detention turns into an adventure when Rodrick encounters a murderer on the lose.

  • Blue Jay by WNE Films

    An assasin on the verge of retirement faces her most difficult assignment yet.

  • Bread or Alive by Team Awesome

    A recently relocated expecting couple vies to satisfy their insatiable craving for something sweet.

  • Citizen K-9 by PiePie Productions

    When an infamous dog passes away, the final owner tries to find out her history.

  • Cold Hearted by Metal Pixel Foundry

    Relationships, gone cold

  • Collared by Hockey Hair, Inc.

    A criminal on the run finds himself roped into a church’s moral dilemma.

  • Coming of Age by 2880

    Youth and exuberance are beaten by old age and treachery

  • Continuance by Y-Nots

    The Revolution!

  • Daisy by Illicit Works

    Two Beautiful Assasins come back through time to stop two vicious killers.

  • DEJA VU by Fustercluck Films

    The study of a couple's relationship, where the situations change but the words do not.

  • Dog Daze by Mic & Nik's Major Motion Pics

    A dog goes back in time

  • Don't Be Late by It's Like Science

    An eccentric group of strangers help one young man on his road to a romantic rendezvous.

  • Dont Bet on it (Yala) by 3052 Productions

    Chicks before Dicks

  • Door to Door by Woodbury University Crack Team

    A door to door salesman goes on the ride of his life when his pregnant customer goes into labor

  • Doppelgänger by Frag Out Films

    Doppelgänger is a Western/Suspense about a lowly chicken farmer who is accused for killing Marshals.

  • Elusion by Burnt Cookie Productions

    A thief trying to acquire a celebrity necklace has to decide

  • Fiend by Danny Schramm Productions

    With fiends like these who need enemies

  • Finding Us by LightningBell Productions

    They wake up. They're a little hazy. It's up to their friends to reunite them.

  • Get Up by Fist The Mountain

    A distraught woman struggles to escape a violent relationship.

  • Gold Nugget by Sean Heyman

    Search for gold in the desert

  • Gold Rush by Newspaper Rock

    When two treasure-hunting oddball cowboys stumble into a self-help retreat, they find real gold.

  • Gone to Jasper by Grinning Man Media Group

    A bounty hunters journey through desert as she transports an evil soul to the town of Jasper

  • Gorilla-Mädchen by Clubhouse 122

    A foreign exchange student attempts to woo his hosts' daughter while dissecting American culture.

  • Greater Good by Mandi Eats a Muffin (and other adventures)

    Time travelers explore the morality of their actions, while facing a threat to their very existence.

  • HAARP by Reel Deal Productions
  • Hanky Panky by Happy Canyon Club

    This summer, don't get hung out to dry... Or maybe do?

  • Headache by Gypsy Kids

    At a roadside hotel a family begins to experience bizarre and disturbing personality changes.

  • Humane by theindianmaiden.com

    Do unto others

  • In Sickness and In Health by The Prussians Are Coming

    Does love conquer all, even in the future?

  • It has been written by 7art.org

    An alcoholic crime novelist inadvertently inspires a new story. But who will write it.

  • It Takes A Village by Jumpstars

    What does it take to raise a child?

  • Jim by Tromso Blue

    A vetean with PTSD tries to survive.

  • Just The Facts by Nvisionate Studios

    Tasked with questioning unusual characters, a straight laced detective gets everything but the facts

  • Keepsake by Lets make a film

    a mentally unstable man who is trapped in his own illusions observes a innocent but naive women

  • Knock, Knock by The Uncomfortables

    They say don't talk to strangers...

  • Legacy by Worker Bees

    A father finds a suitable son to continue his legacy.

  • Loose Ends by Spirit OnScreen

    Two women interrogate a murder suspect--until a specialist shows up to help.

  • Making Time by Rogue Taurus Productions

    A couple seeks help for their problems in the bedroom and finds the solution in a world of fantasy.

  • Malina by Truf

    Disturbed Malina get a visit from a funeral home director who drives her to kill her family in order

  • Milo Gets Exorcised by Team Rocket

    A desperate cat sitter calls a professional pet exorcist to solve a spooky problem.

  • Mind and Moment by Amerilanka

    When a time-traveling man is given a chance at freedom, things get nasty.

  • Minor Alterations by Bonnet to Bodice

    After reluctantly joining a self-help group, Zoe is unwillingly transformed into their next leader.

  • Mouse by Sofa King On

    An ex-con and a child from a troubled home cross paths.

  • One Day by Grizzly Productions

    Love, adventure, journey. A young girls perspective and outlook on these three topics.

  • Painted by 1,2,3, Go!

    A girl must confront the one person with the knowledge of her missing husband

  • Parking by IZZO Entertainment

    Sometimes you just have to power through.

  • Pete's Tavern by Forty Tres

    Bar for life

  • Pink Cab by Spartistry

    A business execute learns a lesson in life from a quirky, but expert cab driver and her fares.

  • plants by SCALLYWAG

    The Young Botanists Association looks for a new member.

  • PodZombiePalooza by PodZombiePalooza

    Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to make a Zombie film in Hollywood.

  • Press COOK by Rogue Division

    Microwave through time!

  • Pretty Messed Up by Rivers INK'D

    Truth Be Told: Sadism & Masochism in Modern Male Courtship

  • Prior Commitment by F.A.

    A couple is unsure they can fulfill a friend's request, not knowing she has devastating news.

  • Reign For Me by Hard as Nails Inc.

    A troubled man deals with issues of humanity while trying survive an apocalyptic drought.

  • Research by Pumpkin Studios

    Two thieves get more than they bargained for when they picked the wrong place to rob.

  • Ripped by Gravity XL

    Recently broken up couple must survive living with eachother.

  • Ryde Share by Sethward Productions

    An exasperated ride share driver's night takes an unexpected turn for the better.

  • Safety First by At It Again

    A not so chance meeting at a grocery store.

  • Six by Center Cut Productions

    A gambler places the bet of his life.

  • Snake Oil by Los Pollos Hermanos

    Revenge is a Bitch

  • Solipsys by Team Dissension

    Survival isn't always of the strongest.

  • Soul Meet by ROMIX Productions

    A group of people from all walks of life attempt to seek love using the technology of video.

  • Sourdough by MMM

    A girl using a car service app gets in too deep with her driver.

  • Special Delivery by 'Fraid of Hites


  • Student Driver by Transplant Pictures

    A stern DMV examiner gets more than he bargained for with an unexpectedly dangerous teen driver.

  • Subject 1 by Evanture Films

    Henry endures a futuristic experiment unlike any man has endured before.

  • Suck it by distillery

    Sam's celebrity party guest is anything but the life of the party.

  • Sunflowers in the Garden by Dragonfly

    When Sam is released from a Mental Ward, he discovers a twisted secret within his sister's Garden.

  • Table for Six by ONE Collective

    A sister presides over a family dinner gone wrong

  • The Ballad of Billy the Joel by Mr. Sophistication

  • The Crane by GLIX

    A young man longing to break free from the shackles of society, struggles to come out to his parents

  • The Date Escape by Trinoceros

    Two spies tries to escape work, but work finds them.

  • The Eggs-pert by Addison 10

    A lesbian couple make a last-ditch effort to conceive a child.

  • The Event by Magic Feather Inc.

    A scientist in space is forced to make an impossible decision.

  • The Expert by Red Ahead Productions

    that's what I am talking about

  • The Gamble by DreamFactory

    Gamble on a second chance for love

  • The Journey by Angles and lines

    It All Starts With One Step

  • The Last Moonlight by Blink of an Eye Films

    A daring heist goes south when

  • The Last of Her by Feast Mode

    A girl struggles wjgh

  • The Last Outbreak by maxchroma

    Young girl faces tough resistance during a deadly outbreak to save her own brother

  • The Lowest Lobby by COILED IT Films

    A genuine do-gooder gets sent down Hell's Lobby.

  • The Nut Job by Heisenberg's Heroes

    The President's advance team of Secret Service experts don't make the grade.

  • The One that got Away by Create

    Sam helps a beautiful woman move-out, only to find out she was robbing the place.

  • The Safehouse by Rubicon Crossing

    What happens when an art thieves attempt to steal across time

  • the silent affair by Winged Witness

    A mysterious rondevouz has unexpected consequences.


    A cleric is forced to atone for his sins on the wayward path to redemption

  • The Ultimate Prize by Lion's Claw Productions

    Sometimes passions are stronger than common sense

  • The Vineyard by 48 All-Stars

    A dedicated young reporter, sent to expose a con-man mystic, uncovers terrifying truths

  • The Woman Who Slipped by Moxie

    On the verge of happiness, Naomi must decide to trust herself or leave behind the man she loves

  • This Aint A Game by Good Luck Road Films

    The Game is Chess Not Checkers

  • This Is The Way The World Ends by Argentic

    does the end of the world me the end of good taste

  • Three Days by XENOGLOSSY

    Three Days Til The End

  • Threshold by hygiene

    A case of mistaken identity turns fatal

  • Torn by RAGE LEAGUE

    Private Investigator on a case to reunite a father with his unwilling daughter.

  • Trouble in the House of Shadows by San Angeles

    A delusional young woman gathers clues to a murderous plot and discovers she may be the victim.

  • Two Steps Ahead by Don't Quit Your Seagull

    A brother and sister struggle to keep their past from defining their future.

  • UNDERCOVERS by Amalgamated Grommets

    There's more going on undercover than meets the eye.

  • VACANCY by The Abusement Park

    Welcome to the Building

  • Virum by Return of the Cheese

    Power comes with a price

  • Welcome to the Neighborhood by Hi-Fi Films

    Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover

  • What's Uptick? by Canyon Ranch Cinema

    We're going to Africa...

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