London, United Kingdom 21 - 23 September 2012

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to They aren't the droids your looking for. for winning Best Film of 2012. Their film Glove will go on to represent London against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2013.

1st Place: Best Film of 2012

Glove by They aren't the droids your looking for.

Required Elements

  • Character: Charlie or Charli Cipriani, Minor Celebrity
  • Prop: cream
  • Line: "Let me tell you a secret."

2012 Film List

  • 48 Hours Later by The Art Collective

    Evil is often misunderstood

  • A Contract With Evil by When In...

    Vampire Charlie Cipriani's relationship with his acting agent unravels after a series of bad adverts

  • A Last Big Hit by Mutant Candy

    Ex-Secret Service Agent and 50's musical sensation comes face to face with her Cold War past

  • A Perfect Round Ball by Two Good

    A leader of a cult/movement that venerates cream conducts his last general meeting

  • a shave too close by Zelica Films

    detective falls for the usual femme fetalle charms

  • Be My Baby by Redomelette

    The Perks of dating a celebrity

  • Bildungsroman by The Mammal Group

    Charli says: it's better to burn out, than to fade away.

  • Bruised and Battered by Fat Kid Productions

    A woman runs into her biggest hero.

  • Chapter 17 by Network Films

    When four ordanary girls meet an extraordinary man

  • Charlie by LWM

    Charlie. Another type of white.

  • Cooking On Gas by Psychopomp

    A gas man tries to escape the clutches of celebrity chef Charles Cipriani's biggest fans.

  • Farm Hands by BH Productions

    A farm accident occurs when a young man arrives to romantically reunite with his former girlfriend.

  • Future Clinic by Old Rectory Productions

    Imagine being able to replay your dreams. Follow Dr Cipriani's research into 'mental movies'.

  • Gameshowland by Team JB

    Divorced ex-gameshow host decides to suprise his friends with the a holiday they will never forget

  • Glove by They aren't the droids your looking for.

    Sometimes all you need is a little helping hand...

  • Hand by The Bowgie

    A man searches for the owner of a missing hand and finds him self.

  • High Pressure by Jump the shark films

    In a perfect storm of weather and scandal you never know who's watching.

  • Hut 69 by In Translation

    A tale of lost love

  • In Tents by Murder and Whimsy

    Camping can be murder! No, that's too cheesy...

  • Le Cadeau Mecanique by Freak!

    A woman finds love in a barren marriage

  • Mother by MonkeyDo

    Girl goes with her boyfriend to vist his mother, an ex actress & pin up at her isolated farm house.

  • Personal Space by Nude-Up Productions

    Hounded by the press, a young woman creates a unique way of finding some personal space.

  • Pescatore's Dog by Fold Up Films

    Pescatore needs a pair of gunslingers, but he's only got two blokes with maracas.

  • Pink Amy by Jellyfielders

    A lot could happen to one girl, in just one night

  • Pledge by MOOMAX Productions

    Milton makes an offer Charlie should have refused.

  • Should Old Acquaintance by NM48
  • SunScream by Beg Borrow Steal

    The sun has burned through the atmosphere and sun cream is a luxury item.

  • sweet & sour by Gangnam Stylers

    A desperate restaurant worker goes to extreme lengths to save his true love's business.

  • The Adventure Files by Panthera Pictures

    Our hero must overcome a mexican-masked temptress and an evil facecream spokesman to get the girl.

  • The Big Sale by Bingo Pictures

    A door to door salesman tries to find love using his sales skills.

  • The Butterfly Assassin by Monster Pictures

    Let me tell you a secret

  • The Cream of Westerns by The Savvy Savvisons

    A lone stranger returns to reclaim his honour, only his quick draw and imagination can let him down.

  • The Crib by Room12Productions

    A man needs a little help from his friend.

  • The First Secret by Craftsmen

    What does it take to become a woman?

  • The Last Drink by Stickwell

    A story of a couple and the preceding past of how the girl's ex-partner died

  • The Man of Littleworth by Bobby Davro Connection

    His adventure on camera!

  • The Samaritan by Windsock Productions

    Charlie is touted a hero for saving a girl's life but a disturbed recluse has witnessed the truth

  • The Ultimate Must Have... by Wailing Banshee

    When one woman buys herself the ultimate gift, her husband sees the real her and bloody carnage ensu

  • The Voice by Five Rand Pebbles

    A has-been singer walks unwittingly into a trap set by a crazed female fan resulting his best work.

  • Welcome to my World by Junction 48

    A day in the life of a transvestite reality-TV starlet, trying to connect with

  • Who the hell is Alice by Penkat Studio

    The humerous journey of discovery through Alice's dating disasters.

  • Witness by Bosh Productions

    A small time Director deals with the consequences of his action

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