The 48 Hour Film Project

10th Anniversary Slogan Contest

We asked you to help us come up with a slogan to celebrate our first decade of filmmaking and you gave us more than 750 ideas! We're pleased to announce the winner, as voted by you.

The Winner

Drum roll, please...

Celebrating 10 years, 48 hours at a time.
     suggested by Michael Jankovec

Michael wins free entry for his team in the 48HFP competition in a city of his choice and four t-shirts featuring the new slogan.

Over 800 people voted on the slogan. Thanks to all for your participation in this contest!

Other Finalists

Movie-making at it's most dashing!
     suggested by Nicholas Gordon

Rome wasn't built in a day, so we give you two!
     suggested by Juan Martinez

10 great years, 48 short hours, 1 unforgettable experience.
     suggested by Rob Kiely

10 years of blood, sweat, and film!
     suggested by Jennifer Scarberry

Two days from dream to screen!
     suggested by Kim Catano

Who said you can't rush art?
     suggested by Kalani Gacon

10th Anniversary T-Shirt Design Contest

Now that we have our 10th anniversary slogan, we need a 10th anniversary t-shirt! But in order to have a great t-shirt, we need your help. So we've started a t-shirt design contest. Have a great idea for our 10-year look? Check out our contest!

Winner Michael Jankovec and His Dog Murphy

Some of Our Favorite Entries

Here are a few that didn't quite make it...

A weekend of film school justification

Coffee black, rain or shine, you can sleep on 49.

Creativity is infinite! Time, alas, is not.

Do you mind if I strain our relationship
in the name of art?

Don't put off to tomorrow what you can do in 2 days.

Film genre blind dating since 2001.

I don't want it good, I want it Sunday!

Quick we only have 48 hours to save the film industry!!

Sleepless in Seattle... and Asheville...
and everywhere else.

10 years of extremely short attention spans.

10 years of still not being famous enough
for this to be beneath me.

The creative kick in the pants you've been waiting for.

When I grow up, I'm going to be a screenwriter-costumer-cosmetician-light technician-cowboy-pirate-film editor (at least for 48 hours, anyway).