Johannesburg, South Africa 21 - 23 November 2014

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Iconic for winning Best Film of 2014. Their film Death's (Man)date will go on to represent Johannesburg against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2015.

1st Place: Best Film of 2014

2nd Place: Best Film of 2014

Terminal by Charlie Company

Required Elements

  • Character: Henry or Heila Miles, Financial Advisor
  • Prop: a roll of toilet paper
  • Line: "It was a mistake!"

Best Writing

Marais by Two's a Company

Best Editing

Three heads are better than none by Peeping Tom

Best Directing

Flying High by Zwoosh!

Best Cinematography


Best Sound Design

BAGGAGE by Take2

Best Musical Score

Flying High by Zwoosh!

Best Acting

Best Graphics

Deadlock by Team Can't Even

Best Special Effects

Roger by Predator X Films

Best Choreography

Flying High by Zwoosh!

Best Costumes

Terminal by Charlie Company

Best Use of Character

The Thang by MeetCute

Best Use of Prop

The Thang by MeetCute

Best Use of Line

2014 Film List

  • #35 by BMH - 1

    Sometimes life hangs on a thread

  • A foot in the grave by DOPEXFRAMES

    A perfect life turns into a nightmare, haunted by her mistake.

  • Agoraphobia by The Greater Wilderness


  • BAGGAGE by Take2

    how much can you carry...

  • Bitter Sweet by Academy of Sound Engineering

    Things go astray for a young couple who is sent the wrong baby by an adoption agenaqcy.

  • Clean Keel by BMH - 6

    A card from a different cloth

  • Close of Business by Band-it Films

    A dodgy financial advisor specialises in liquidations

  • Data by relax entertainment

    Corruption does not pay,the truth will always come out.

  • Deadlock by Team Can't Even

    Racked with the guilt by his partner's death, a man travels in time to prevent them ever meeting.

  • Death's (Man)date by Iconic

    When death comes around there's time for one last party.

  • Deceitful by BMH - 4

    A million miles in a single mind

  • Destiny Awaits by BMH - 2

    The future is in your hands

  • Don't drink the Punch by Black Spaghetti

    A group of young people working in an office, all of them stuck in their quirky ways

  • Double Ties by BMH Arcadia

    The exploration of a chain of events that may have led to the death of Henry Miles.

  • Fight Box by UZI Films

    A newly married bride lures her husband into a room of fear and terror.

  • Fine Print by BMH - 5

    The devil is in the detail

  • Flying High by Zwoosh!

    A financial adviser celebrates his triumph, just to lose his freedom.

  • Future Sight by Crazy Crew

    A young woman with OCD receives a gift; an app that shows her the future. Her death.

  • Heads OR tails by Focus pictures

    you can not tell the deference in the dark

  • L1M80 by The Man Warrior

    A man discovers that his seemingly normal business flight has a much more bizarre nature to it.

  • Marais by Two's a Company

    Verlossing het gekom en huistoe gaan was daar

  • Nightshade by OPP

    As deadly as she is beautiful

  • Paranormal Ability by BMH - 8

    Lost in Futuristic Interpretation

  • Rare Love by Creative Hustler Productions

    A perfect love turns out to be not so perfect

  • Roger by Predator X Films

    a mans cat is diagnosed with a terminal disease and so he attempts to fix this, but must face the co

  • Shatter by The Odd Squad

    It was a mistake

  • Sold by Film Appreciation Club goes 48

    when no price is too high

  • Tag along by Team Awen

    It was a mistake

  • Tag! You're it. by Indie Filmmakers Club

    Two time travelers bump into each other, through the sands of time.

  • Terminal by Charlie Company

    Past or future? Time and Place? Who is Gerald?

  • That one-night thing by BMH - 7

    a lesson learned

  • The Book Mark by dmb productions

    Look between the lines

  • The Contract Killer by BMH - 3

    when love goes bad

  • THE KISS by eNCA

    Henry Miles is getting ready for the night of his life ... but it may just be his last.

  • The Thang by MeetCute

    You don't want Sci-Fi

  • Three heads are better than none by Peeping Tom

    Three heads are better than none

  • Tshiamo by Before Dark Productions

    Letter of forgiveness.

  • un-distinguished joe by RodWay

    not your average Joe

  • Up in the Where? by Red Fox Pictures

    credit is king

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