Johannesburg, South Africa 6 - 8 September 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Hollyveld for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film Don't Shoot the Cat will go on to represent Johannesburg against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

Don't Shoot the Cat by Hollyveld

2nd Place: Best Film of 2013

Smile by DisMosCreative

Required Elements

  • Character: Themba or Nothemba Skosana, Photographer
  • Prop: a wooden spoon
  • Line: "I think I've got it"

2013 Film List

  • "Kode Rooi" by Two's a Company

    We all have that one friend...

  • 48 Hours later by Necessary Concepts

    two friends emabrk on the 48 Hour film project and discover each other in the process

  • A Moment by dmb productions

    Take a Shot

  • amitié by AvJstudio

    Two friends fall in love but friendship prevails

  • An Interval of Silence by Front Row Productions

    No Thanks I've Got It

  • BEE The Musical by Any Minute Now Films

    The Subtle Prejudice Of Lowered Expectations

  • Behind the Fog of War by Kiss My Porcupine

    I think I've got it

  • Belongings by Team New Tricks

    Two journalists go on a bizarre assignment at a collectors mansion.

  • Blind Justice by Infinite Reels

    I think i got it

  • Blurred by Axiom

    Trust and friendship is a blurred line. It's survival of the fittest in the streets of Jozi.

  • Butcher King by Moose Knuckles

    No one can be trusted.

  • COLD FEET by Fade From Black

    An obsessive compulsive Nothemba has a premonition of what her married life will be. It's not pretty

  • Dead Set by Plover Road

    Two friends bury a dead girl they find in their living room.

  • Detour by Bigblot Projects

    Sometimes holidays start with a detour

  • Diary of a Lover by UJ Multimedia Scribblerz ft ASE

    A stream of consciousness meditation on love, time and moments in improvised pencil animation

  • Dis-order by Tshungu Media

    about Nothemba she a forensic Photographer with a multiple disorder

  • Do Or Die by Second in Command

    Even certain death is not certain

  • Don't Shoot the Cat by Hollyveld

    killing feline's is dangerous

  • Dream Scape by Academy of Sound Engineering - Audio and Screen Arts

    This is a film about a struggling photographer who overcomes his career challenge through a dream.

  • Elusive Thermo by Yellow Bakkie Productions

    A superhero's quest for privacy, a journey with paranoia.

  • ESCAPE by TamzanArt

    I Think i've got it

  • Fairy God Mother by Guerrila Film Collective ZA

    An investigator digs deeper into a crime and prostitution syndicate run by the 'Fairy God Mother'

  • FLOW3R by Forsfortis Films

    A wife communicates with her comatose husband through a computer program.

  • Good Morning Officer. by Jozi Love Machine

    Two best friends must deal with a pig-headed cop who busts them for drugs that aren't theirs.

  • HARD TO SWALLOW by DreamWeavers

    Best friend chooses friendship over relationship

  • Hidden Agenda by Red Ink

    A journalists investigates a murderer and suspects her best friend is dating him.

  • Hope Dies by Swashbuckler

    When Friends Keep Bad Company

  • HOWIE by Team Red One Africa

    An overworked Howie takes an unexpected break

  • Image Approval by Corporate Swag

    What would you risk to get the perfect picture

  • Ingqinamba (The predicament) by Dream Makers

    Choice between modeling contract that she always wanted or her love of her life.

  • Ish Happens by Focus Pictures

    what goes around, comes around with a little help of LAXATIVES

  • Jotrip by Solid 8

    I think i've got it

  • Kayla by The Expressionists

    Tell it like it is

  • love portion by sketch konexion management


  • Love Themba by Inspiroll

    Best Friends Unite When Things get Weird!!!

  • Madam N Steve by The Deadline Project

    Service with an accent


    A wooden spoon compels even the strangest of ingredients to get their act together

  • Monopsychotic by Red Fox Pictures


  • My father makes good spice by JoziAmbitions

    An experimental shot

  • Nationalise the Minds by Cameway Productions

    Always sharing happy stories

  • NOW by Lehkolo Moving Pictures

    2 couples in relationship ruts attend their yearly getaway. Will they get past their differences?

  • One In A Million by uh ha

    To get to the perfect baby you need to go through a lot of imperfect men.

  • Outline by Team Marist

    The artist's life is an investigation of the space between the lines.

  • Parallax by Penga Productions

    A photographer discovers a camera with unusual properties but things are not as they seem.

  • River of Mourn by Predator X films

    A boys friend mysteriously dies and his brother is suspected to be the murderer.

  • Shot by eNCA

    Photographer arrives at wrong shoot but gets the right shot

  • Smile by DisMosCreative

    When a photographer unintentionally kills his girlfriend - one more shot could change his life.

  • Splintering by The Alpha Project

    In 2025 a man is helped by technology to deal with his past and secure his future

  • SPOONING by The Brand New Second Hands

    A tragic crime love story set in inner city Johannesburg

  • Still by Dualism Media and partners

    A young woman woman pursued by two suitors becomes the victim of her own choices....

  • Subconscious Kane by UZI Films

    What is your subconscious mind could be programmed like a computer?

  • The Basement Project by Vuutha

    How far can you take rejection

  • The Butcher and The Baker by Leftjie

    giving love the chop

  • The Freer: Irony of Balance by Fancy Pants Lou

    I do what we can for who we can

  • The Game of Love by Roll up Theatre Productions

    Love across the rugby supporters' line

  • The Jogger by Video 3 group 2

    Be Careful Who You Run Into

  • The Last Photo by The Next Movement

    Themba is on the hunt for Kenny

  • The Last Word by Improbable Productions

    A spy tries to steal another team's 48HFP script

  • The Legacy by Limitless

    A man's identity is his ultimate end...

  • The Reason by Take2

    Sometimes you have to leave the road to find it

  • Themba and Thulani by Mirror Image

    A rape survivor finds herself embroiled in a circle of lies and deceit!

  • This is my friends by Short Reel

    Crossing borders is one thing, crossing cultures is another.

  • Timepiece by Grand Dream

    Guy receives a watch with time warping abilities

  • unCarved by Beatroot

    rude awakening

  • Unsolved by Zwoosh!

    Detective Cole travels back in time to save her sister from being murdered by her Alien husband.

  • Virgo Moon by TiNT

    An homeless journey

  • Whateverman by Mad Spoon Time

    He's apathetic, he's trashed, he's oblivious. But if the people want a hero, a hero they will see.

  • Where I End and You Begin by Dust Cloud Productions

    After the loss of a loved one, two mutual friends try to deal with their grief.

  • Wild Love in the West by Video 3 Group 1

    Tragedies of a triangle

  • Yellow Fist by Deep East Productions

    I shall disclose my hidden powers

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