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Hitchcock, Spielberg, Coppola, You!

Are you
- a professional filmmaker,
- someone looking to enter the film and video industry
- or even a hobbyist?

The 48 Hour Film Project is open to all.

In this adenaline filled competition you have one weekend to make a short film. Your film will premiere on the big screen for a live theater audience and be seen by top judges. Winners are invited to Filmapalooza - our international film festival - and top films are screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner.

What Genre Will You Draw?

Your filmmaking weekend begins by drawing two genres from a hat. Pick one to use or combine them both.

Here are some sample genres for 2018. Learn more

Fish Out of Water

Music Film


School Drama

Spy / Espionage

Vacation / Holiday Film


אומנויות לחימה




מדע בדיוני


סרט אהבה

סרט אילם

סרט אקשן/הרפתקאות

סרט התבגרות /נעורים

סרט לכל המשפחה

סרט מסע

סרט מסע בזמן

סרט ספורט

סרט תקופתי/ היסטורי

פילם דה-פאם (Film de Femme)



קומדיה שחורה


How good can a film actually be if you only have 48 hours to make it?

Take a look and see...

Featured 48HFP Films: Cannes 2018 Selections

"La Grande Ourse" by FD Prod Clermont-Ferrand, FR 48HFP 2017

"NADIE" by Team Lucas Mexico City, MX 48HFP 2017

"And All Points In Between" by Making Pretend New Haven, CT 48HFP 2017

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