Horror Project Genres Posted Below! 48 Hour Film Horror Project

At the Kickoff Event each team draws TWO genres from a hat.

The catch? They're all horror genres!!

At the Kickoff Event you will be assigned two genres from the list below. Your team may decide which one you to use for your film. With this change, the Wild Card option has been eliminated. Your film must be true to one of the genres you have selected (or both!) — and no trading with other teams!

Got it all? Well, be warned... We switch up the options each year - just to keep you on your toes!!

The 2019 48HFP Horror Genres are:

Group 1

Android / Cyborg / Robot  
Asylum / Insanity
B Movie
Body Horror+
Cursed Object/Toy
Dark Comedy Horror
Escape Room
Found Footage  
Funhouse / Carnival / Freaks
Holiday Horror Film
Mummy / Werewolf

Group 2
Gore / Slasher / Splatter
Haunted Location
Home Invasion
Horror Film with Kids
Mad Scientist / Frankenstein
Monster / Creature Feature
Phobia / Isolation
Psychic Powers
Psychological Horror
Religious Cult
Sci-Fi Horror
Serial Killer
Silent Horror Film
Supernatural Horror

+Body Horror: Body going through some...changes? There's a plethora of movies in the body horror genre that have characters whose bodies are mutating, becoming zombified, or otherwise changing in mysterious or horrific ways. Examples include films like The Fly, The Toxic Avenger, Teeth or Shivers.

+Lovecraftian : American author H.P. Lovecraft was famous for his horror stories that emphasized cosmic horror of the unknown more than scaring the reader with gore or shock. He was famous for originating the Cthulu mythology, and the idea that hidden just beyond our modern world lies a cosmic realm inhabited by ancient beings, creatures, and things that would drive a person insane if they ever discovered them. Examples of Lovecraftian horror or themes include The Evil Dead, In the Mouth of Madness, and Cabin in the Woods.

New To The 48?

Genres Are Set!

The official genre list for The 48 Hour Film Horror Project 2019 is posted below.

Elementi Obbligatori

Oltre all’estrazione di un genere, durante il Kick Off verranno comunicati a ogni squadra un personaggio, un oggetto e una linea di dialogo da inserire nel film.

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Combining Genres

Il film dovrà necessariamente appartenere al genere che è stato assegnato alla squadra e il genere non si potrà scambiare con un'altra squadra! I generi comunque si possono combinare (ad esempio un supereroi può anche essere una commedia).

Coerenza con la consegna

Fate attenzione! La giuria assegna il proprio punteggio anche in base alla pertinenza e alla coerenza, sia per quanto riguarda il genere che gli elementi obbligatori.

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