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If You're Going To Be A Successful Filmmaker, You've Got To Have The Right Paperwork!!

Film Releases are an important part of the filmmaking process. Without all of the releases your brilliant movie could run into legal issues and/or not be screened. We've got all of the forms that you need. Start by reviewing the rules and FAQs.

Regolamento Ufficiale Regole del concorso FAQ

Quando consegnare Four Points Film Project

As the competition weekend gets closer, you will receive an e-mail describing how to upload your film and your paperwork.

The Team Leader's Agreement must be uploaded to your assigned FTP folder by 11:59pm, Thursday, November 10th. Remaining paperwork should be uploaded to your assigned FTP folder by 11:59pm, Tuesday, November 15th. Films are not eligible for competition until all of their paperwork has been uploaded. Details concerning uploading to your FTP folder will be e-mail to registered team leaders.

Documentazione ancora non disponibile

We're still putting the finishing touches on the official documents for The Four Points Film Project 2019. They will be available soon.

Plan Ahead

All creative work must be done during the official filmmaking period; however, you can get some of the tedious paperwork done ahead of time.

Waiver and Release Forms

Get your team members to sign releases ahead of time - then you don't have to worry with it during crunch time.

Note: This form helps protect you, the team leader, as well as the 48HFP.

Musicisti locali

Some local musicians, bands & composers may be willing to let you use their work in your film because it creates additional exposure for their talents.

Creative Commons

You may use music or materials that fall under the Attribution license. This is the only CC lisense that meets the 48HFP conditions.

Note: Creative Commons licenses that are either Non-Commercial or Sharealike are NOT compatible with the 48HFP's Team Leader's Agreement and therefore can NOT be used.

Scout Locations

You are allowed to scout possible locations in advance. This will also come in handy for creating your storyline. It's easier to write the script when you know what you have available.


The 48HFP does not require you obtain permits for filming; however, it's possible your city may require permits for certain locations.

Hint: Your local film commission is a good resource to learn what is and isn't permitted in your city.

These documents are strictly to be used for films made for the 48 Hour Film Project.

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