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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners!

Best Use of Character
"Lord Bananas Big-Time Bonanza" by Hugh Sullivan Productions

Best Use of Prop
"Departure" by Brainfreeze Productions

Best Use of Line
"Tension" by BitDepth Productions

Best Costumes
"Zoe" by NaN studios

Best Choreography
"Zoe" by NaN studios

Best Special Effects
"Lemon" by Montage 4

Best Graphics
"One Small Step" by VAMOOSE

Best Sound Design
"Play Time " by Anonymous Productions

Best Musical Score
"Lemon" by Montage 4

Best Cinematography

Best Editing
"Handle With Care" by C-300PO

Best Actress
Felice Sky Hutchinson in "HELLO DOLLIE" by RED RAZOR

Best Actor
Joe Hammerstone in "No Strings" by State of Mind Productions

Best Ensemble Acting
"Departure" by Brainfreeze Productions

Best Writing
"Committed" by STLfilmpunks

Best Directing
Joe Zoellner and Jeremy Gerstner for "Committed" by STLfilmpunks

Second Runner Up for Best Film
"Play Time " by Anonymous Productions

Runner Up for Best Film
"Departure" by Brainfreeze Productions

Best Film
"Imagined Slights" by Boxing Clever

St. Louis 48HFP Audience Awards

The audience has spoken! The following teams won the audience awards for their respective screenings. Congratulations!

Audience Award Winner: Group A [tie]
"Zoe" by NaN studios
"Googly-Eyed" by A is for Amateur

Audience Award Winner: Group B
"Handle With Care" by C-300PO

Audience Award Winner: Group C
"Imagined Slights" by Boxing Clever

Audience Award Winner: Group D
"Play Time " by Anonymous Productions

Audience Award Winner: Group E
"Committed" by STLfilmpunks

Audience Award Winner: Group F
"The Delusionist" by Avenues

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Photo by Phillip Wu.

Required Elements

Character  Duane or Diane Trammell, Puppeteer
Prop  a checkbook
Line  "Where are we going?

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Screening Groups

Group A
Screening on Tuesday, June 5, 7pm

A is for Amateur, Jason Beaumont
Bubble-Wrapped Fish Productions, Sam Lin
Bug-Juice Productions, Stephen Province
Imaginary Banana Productions, David Whatley
Karnov Family, Peter Christianson
Killer Brew Productions, Casey Hartig
NaN studios, John Reskusich
Pixel Pear, Eric Mittan
Simpson Productions, Jeff Simpson
Slim Productions, Braden Henze
The Super Movie Bros., Tim Gowan
Weemaboyeah, Dustin French

Group B
Screening on Tuesday, June 5, 9pm

3:33 AM Productions, Dave Dozer
Brainfreeze Productions, Kent Tentschert
C-300PO, Cory Byers
Insert Quippy But Ultimately Stupid Team Name Here Productions, Seth Treptow
KneeHigh Productions, Nick Nihira
Movie Camera Militia, Aaron Mager
Phantom Force 5 Productions , Clint Burgess
ShadyRow, Daniel DarkSide
Star Command , Mitchell Bequette
Thank You Ma'am Productions, Amy Williams
The CFM Interns, Nate Townsend
VAMOOSE, William Levy

Group C
Screening on Wednesday, June 6, 7pm

5thVein Films, Jalisa Dickerson
Boxing Clever, Jake Houvenagle
Cades Cove and The Other, Thomas Rennier
Hat Trick Pictures, David Skaggs
Hugh Sullivan Productions, Hugh Sullivan
Little Drummer Dude Productions, Matthew Sugg
Morning Star Productions, Brian Peters
One Handsome Man, Warren Arnold
SFCA Productions, Bill Appleton
Strange Powers, David Mendoza
SoYCD Pictures, Stephen Jones
United Brothers Productions, Jonathan Berger

Group D
Screening on Wednesday, June 6, 9pm

Anonymous Productions, Mike Rohlfing
BitDepth Productions, Jenna Marguerita
CbadeProductions, Jesse Bader
House of Badger, Sean Parada
Local Sports Team, Jessica Moore
Montage 4, Alyson Phillips
Night Scavenger Productions, Aaron Schafer
ROCKTOKLOPS, Josey Rodriguez
Rocky Four, Bill Zurheide
Stoneciphers, Thomas Callahan
Tru Dreams, Peter Fleming
Vertice Films, Mike Blandino

Group E
Screening on Thursday, June 7, 7pm

Ash and Ground, Dan DePina
BearhounD7 Productions, Bill Sharpe
Create-Wait-Elaborate Productions, Christopher Brown
Hand Llama Productions, Destin Cylkowski
Los Hermanos Politicos, Dave Lang
Mole Man Movies, Pearce Healey
Newtonian Physics, Mark Sundt
STLfilmpunks, Adam Goforth
speak up productions, Dan Parris
The Truffle Shuffles, Kristen Beaver
Wounded Dove, Aaron Vaught

Group F
Screening on Thursday, June 7, 9pm

Avenues, Joe Hellberg
Basement Industry, Michael Szymanski
Day304, Julie Wilhelm
Face Down in the Muck, Scott Crawford
Highbrow Eyebrow, Nick Werkmeister
Midnight Films, Mark Lovelace
Milquetoast Films, Sean Lewis
NetWide Productions, Roland Comfort
Recapture the Flag, Amity Haugk
Shenanigan Shtudios, Alex Bush
State of Mind Productions, Corey Logsdon
The Train Productions, Train Mayer

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