The 48 Hour Film Project

The Rotterdam 48 Hour Film Project

Rotterdam Filmmakers Take to the Streets

This weekend 600 filmmakers from Rotterdam are making films in the 48 Hour Film Project! All of completed films will screen on the dates below.

We have closed registration for the Rotterdam 48HFP, but please sign up for our waiting list. If teams drop out or space otherwise becomes available, we will invite teams from the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sign up for the Rotterdam waiting list

Here are some important notes for 48HFP filmmakers:

  • Elements: The required elements for Rotterdam will be listed to the right.
  • Media: You must submit your film on one of the media listed to the right.
  • Documents: You must submit releases for all team members, all music, all locations, and any other copyrighted material, as well as a team leader's agreement, a roster, and a certification statement. These forms can be downloaded from on our production documents page.
  • Rules/FAQ: You should make sure that your film complies with our rules. If you have questions about the rules, the best place to go is our faq.
  • 48HFP Hotline: If you have a question during the filmmaking weekend, call the 48HFP Hotline. The number is on the Kickoff Info Sheet that your team representative was given at the kickoff. If you email us, you will probably not receive an answer in time, so please call.
  • Dropoff: The location to drop off your film is listed below.
  • Coda: Be safe! Make great films! Good luck!

Rotterdam 48HFP Events


Date  22 August (Friday)
Time  18:00-19:00
Place  De Machinist, Willem Buytewechstraat 45 Rotterdam


Date  24 August (Sunday)
Time  18:00 - 20:30 (by 19:30 to be on time!)
Place  De Machinist, Willem Buytewechstraat 45 Rotterdam

Premiere Screenings

Date  26-08-2014 & 27-08-2014
Time  17:30 - 19:00 / 19:30 - 21:00 / 21:30 - 23:00
Place  LantarenVenster, Otto Reuchlinweg 996 Rotterdam
Tickets  €9,50 (purchase them here)

Awards Ceremony

Date  28 August (Thursday)
Time  20:00
Place  LantarenVenster, Otto Reuchlinweg 996, Rotterdam

Rotterdam 48HFP Links


Photo by Jasper Joosten.

Required Elements

to be announced

Required Media

For the Rotterdam 48HFP, your film must be submitted on one of the following media:

  • (preferred) a self-contained file
    - codecs for HD: Apple ProRes, Apple Intermediate Codec, DVCProHD, HDV, Motion JPEG-A, or H.264 (with a recommended data rate of at least 16Mbps)
    - codecs for SD: Apple ProRes, DV-PAL, Motion JPEG-A, or H.264 (with a recommended data rate of at least 16Mbps)
    - resolution: HD 1080p (preferred), HD 720p or SD
    - interlacing: Progressive/Non-Interlaced preferred
    - filetype: MOV (Quicktime) or MP4
    - submission formats: USB flash drive (preferred) or data DVD

Our Sponsors

Screening Groups

Group A
Screening on 26 August (Tuesday) @ 17:30
Screening on 27 August (Wednesday) @ 21:30

221B Films, Alyssa Schrauwen
Algonauts, Micah Bailey
Flipside Films, Maarten Eysink Smeets
Het Dok, Henk Os, van
Jear Productions & The Pitchery, Jens Rijsdijk
Mac-Intosh Enterprises, Enrico Mac-Intosh
Melpomene,Thalia en andere Muzen, Elles van Velzen
SAAR, Arna van der Sloot
Spelbrekers, Charly Horst
Team Aperture, Marco de Jongh
Team Gers, Vincent Hollander
Umami Pictures, Tim van den Hoff
UNO MAS, Asmidin Visser
Zwarts Producties, Carla Goedkoop-Zwarts

Group B
Screening on 26 August (Tuesday) @ 19:30
Screening on 27 August (Wednesday) @ 19:30

Aperientes Films, Roman de Rijk
Big Time Films, Ed van Wageningen
De Kale Zangeres, Silvia de Vries
De Ontbranding, hans lein
Geep, Julio Pijnappel
Kemphanen Films, Thijs de Neeve
Kimmo, Nina Spiering
Last Minute Group, Jan Hendrik
MatroesjkaFilm, Antoinette Akkerman
OOCHOO, Jurgen van Dorp
Team Misschien, Bart Kalkman
Team Pasbaan , Chris de Krijger
The Hague Entertainment, Gabriel Metz
Vollemaan, Danny Bliek

Group C
Screening on 26 August (Tuesday) @ 21:30
Screening on 27 August (Wednesday) @ 17:30

AcrossWoods, Marcello Fantuz
Big Chicken, Edgar Kapp
BulletPilot Productions, Rick Bazuin
Cero Siete Ocho, Gino Ragueb
Firma K. te R., Ron Kaat
Groene Hond Producties, Marica Crombach
IFAN, Jurriaan Strous
Kasper Mols, Remy Mulder
Movies By Some Students, Bart Snakenborg
SAY-Visuals, Sinan Alabay
Sebastien Romero, Sebastien Romero
Slorv, Geert-Jan Potijk
Team Middelburg, Daphne Koelma
The Free Thinkers, Tristan Franken