The 48 Hour Film Project

The Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project

See below for 2011 results.
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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners!

Best Use of Character
“The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire

Best Use of Prop
“The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire

Best Use of Line
“The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire

Best Use of Genre
“The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire

Best Sound Audio
Stephen Aymond for “The Fenimore”

Best Make Up
Mathew Underwood for “The Fenimore”

Best Student Film
“The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire

Best Costumes
Mathew Underwood for “The Fenimore”

Best Special Effects
Doug Dorsey for “The Intern”

Best Graphics
Stephen Aymond for “The Fenimore”

Best Sound Design
Matt Simons for “Jane”

Best Musical Score
Brian Jerin for “The Fenimore”

Best Cinematography
Mark Hubbard for “Jane”

Best Editing
Stephen Aymond & L. Gustavo Cooper for “The Fenimore”

Best Actress
Julianna Piechovski for “Jane”

Best Actor
Billy Calvert for “The Intern”

Best Writing
Mike Masson for “The Fenimore”

Best Directing
L. Gustavo Cooper for “The Fenimore”

Runner Up For Best Film
“Jane” by Best Friends

Best Film
“The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire

Audience Awards for the 48HFP

The audience has spoken! The following teams won the audience awards for their respective screenings. Congratulations!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
“Something’s Catching” by The Blue Coconuts

Audience Award Winner: Group B
“The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire

Audience Award Winner: Group C
“The Intern” by Knights & Squires

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Character: Jake or Jane Clark, Student
Prop: a kite
Line of Dialogue: "From now on, you call the shots."

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Screening Groups

Group A
Screening on Tuesday, June 21st, 6:00pm to 9:30pm

20 Dollar Soda, Luis Francisco Gonzalez
Ai Jax Puppet Pushers, Brian Oakley
Argyle Forest Films, Adam Madrid
Chicken, Justin Suttles
Graphicstation, Anthony Hodge
Mugwump Moving Pictures, Samuel Smid
Murphy Films, David Murphy
Project Mayhem, Erik Boetcker
Rocket Productions, Adam Suslak
Rouge Brave, John Michael Herrington
Smokey Apple Caps, Hiatt Woods
Sweaty South, Corey Kolb
Tall Paul Productions, LLC, Paul Bathen
The Blue Coconuts, Michael Heath

Group B
Screening on Wednesday, June 22nd, 6:00pm to 9:30pm

AI Jax Black Fire, Gus Cooper
Ai Jax Uncaged, Jesse Westfall
Best Friends, Marc Boese
Be Squared, Brooks Brandal
Child's Play Productions, Hunter Ryan
Eaglevision, Mark Roberts
F.L.A., George Deacon
Keystone High Drama, Tricia Williams
McToe, Dawn Harringtom
Moon Spiders, Josh Paulson
Remember That!!!, Joseph Reeves
Somebody Call an Ambulance Productions, Paul Melian-Guidry
The Sundance Kids, Brandon Cox
Yeeaarrhh!, Billy Ward

Group C
Screening on Thursday, June 23rd, 6:00pm to 9:30pm

Ai Jax Redemption, Chris Dees
Always Record, Wayne Phillips
Hutch's Heroes – Resurrected, Keith A. Hutchison
Indecisive Productions, Scott Goldstein
Jelly Sphere Productions, John Ellis
Juice Box of Dynamite, Chris Stagl
Knights and Squires, James Nealis
Parker Pride, Steve Charlton
Pretty Color Productions, Michael Walter
Prodigal 15 Productions, Susan Hagar
Ronin's Blade, Chris Guerrieri
Sin Pajamas, Edmundo Guanacoa
Subliminal Seahorse Productions, Tyler Falbo
thricewise productions, April Hutchinson