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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners!

Best Use of Character
"The Tattoo Artist" by General Pictures

Best Use of Prop
"Best First Date Ever" by Tom Lipscomb Productions

Best Use of Line
"*star" by That's a Big Twinkie

Best Actress - Honorable Mention
Sheryl Scott for Amalgamated Filmworks

Best Actor - Honorable Mention
Muttonchops/Stud Muffin for That's a Big Twinkie

MVP Award
Daniel Cook for Myriad Media

Best Costumes
"Roberts-Hirshorn: A Case Study" by Monkeywhale Productions

Best Sound Design
"Cake" by Amalgamated Filmworks

Best Musical Score
"Your Turn" by First Draught Films

Best Cinematography
"Your Turn" by First Draught Films

Best Editing
"*star" by That's a Big Twinkie

Best Actress
Catherine Delaney for Monkeywhale Productions

Best Actor
Phillip Wright for Monkeywhale Productions

Best Writing
"Cake" by Amalgamated Filmworks

Best Directing
"Cake" by Amalgamated Filmworks

Runner Up for Best Film
"Roberts-Hirshorn: A Case Study" by Monkeywhale Productions

Best Film
"Cake" by Amalgamated Filmworks

Greensboro 48HFP Audience Awards

The audience has spoken! The following teams won the audience awards for their respective screenings. Congratulations!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
"Twisted Shield" by BlackFenn Productions

Audience Award Winner: Group B
"Roberts-Hirshorn: A Case Study" by Monkeywhale Productions

Audience Award Winner: Group C
"The Human Hieroglyph" by Contagious Media

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Required Elements

Character  Chuck or Cherry Thompson, Tattoo Artist
Prop  flowers
Line  "Give me the bad news."

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Screening Groups

Group A
Screening on Wednesday, June 27, 7pm

A Frayed Knot, J. Evan Wade
Anagram Films, Jordan Kennedy
BlackFenn Productions, Melissa Martin
The Cinekeys, Phoenix Mangus
First Draught Films, Peyton Lea
LaRyan, Allison Chabon
Let's Make a Movie RTP, Dean Logan
RAM-TV, Cole Russing
Team Overkill, Chris Medico
Whirlie House, Soroush Shahbazi

Group B
Screening on Thursday, June 28, 7 pm

Attempting Fate, Brian Dowtin
Brewski's Tavern Productions, Keith Ritter
Broken Zebra, Charles Flynt
CCGN Films, Scott Evangelista
General Pictures, Stephen Hyers
Mon Frere, AJ Schraeder
Monkeywhale Productions, Harvey Robinson
reckoner, Drew DeCain
That's A Big Twinkie, Evan Pease
Tom Lipscomb Productions, Tom Lipscomb

Group C
Screening on Thursday, June 28, 9 pm

Amalgamated Filmworks, Ryan Witt
Bitchin' House Blues, Steve Cole
Contagious Media, Cory Livengood
Innominandum, Alan Watkins
Keep the Change, Jeffrey Milligan
Living Arts College, Michael Pearce
Mills48, Joshua Mills
Myriad Media, Christopher Young
Plumb Line Players, Sheri Clawson
Sham Pictures, Austin Elliott
Team 421 studio, John Riddick

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