The 48 Hour Film Project

The Denver 48 Hour Film Project

Exhausted Denver Teams Submit Films

Filmmaking teams from throughout the Denver area successfully completed a weekend of filmmaking. Films were due on Sunday, August 3 and the last few minutes before the deadline saw filmmakers, operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline, rushing to get their films in on time.

All of the films that were submitted on Sunday night will screen on the dates below. Come see what Denver area filmmakers can do!

Filmmaker Blog

Want to hear about the Denver 48HFP from the filmmakers themselves? Then check out the Denver 48HFP filmmaker blog, where Denver 48HFP participants tell us stories of their wild weekend of filmmaking.

Denver 48HFP Audience Awards

The audience has spoken! The following teams won the audience awards for their respective screenings. Congratulations!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
Winner: "Uberball" by Running Riot Pictures
Honorable Mention: "The White Witch" by Beach Riot Pictures

Audience Award Winner: Group B
Winner: "Muted. Heart. Strings." by 805 to the 303
Honorable Mentions:
"The Diary of Anya Frank" by Nebulus Visions &
"The Session" by The Speakeasy Film Co.

Audience Award Winner: Group C
Winner: "Coercion" by Cinema Geeks
Honorable Mentions:
"Split Second" by 3rd Floor Films &
"Blood Tank" by B. Mooregoode Prods.

Audience Award Winner: Group D
Winner: "Hard to Swallow" by Team Nix
Honorable Mentions:
"South Prussia Swim Team" Cook St. Productions &
"The Perils of Art and Paige" by StrangeR Studios

Denver 48HFP Events

Premiere Screenings

Date  Sunday, August 10th
Time  Group A 11:00am-1:30pm// Group B 2:00pm-4:30pm// Group C 5:00pm-7:30pm// Group D 8:00pm-10:15pm
Place  The Oriental Theater, 4335 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80212
Tickets  Single Screening: $8 in advance, $11 at the door / 4-Screening Pass: $24 in advance, $30 at the door (purchase them here)

We LOVED being at the Oriental last year, so we are doing it AGAIN! Get crazy with it, advocate for your film, bring all your teammates/friends and most of all revel in your accomplishment along side that of the other Denver 48 Hour Film Project participants!

Tickets will be on sale August 4th. Advance purchase is highly recommended.

Party Down with us after the last screening over at Local 46. Keep your ticket stub for Happy Hour specials and food!

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Photo by Julio Trujillo.

Required Elements

Character  Anthony or Anya Sakewski, Writer
Prop  a map
Line  "I don't know why I'm here." (or "I do not know why I am here.")

Our Sponsors

Screening Groups

Group A

Oy Vey Productions, Nancy Fingerhood
Beach Riot Films, Joseph Spillane
Blue Poncho Productions, Kendra Fleischman
Chilled Monkey Brains, Derek Herman
Fighting Mongoose, Jacob Holgerson
Kirsten West , Kirsten West
MockSides Studios, Chad Schnackel
Rated M for Mature, Michael Johnson
Running Riot Pictures, Greg Eakins
Shandolyn Entertainment, Tim Sabaska
Social Commentary, Josh McElreavy
Team Hot Mess, Kevin Tydlaska
Theater Fire, Lucas Zahorik
Ugly Mutt, mark pekari

Group B

805 to the 303, Colton Walter
Bad Spy, Brittney McDonald
Barron Pictures, Chris Barron
Binary Helix, Linh Ngo
Creatovator, Nicholas Hinckley
Denver in Color, Anthony Jones
Fast Fish Films, Marc Slover
Indysfilms, Tom Dunn
Lucky 13, Tye Olmsted
Nebulus Visions, Bradley Haag
The Daedalum Project, UB Ciminieri
The Speakeasy Film Co., Christopher Moore
Through the Fire Productions, Tiffany Briels
Whiskey and Cigarettes, Zachary Maas

Group C

3rd Floor Films, Patrick Friedauer
B. Mooregoode Productions, Collin McDowell
Cinema Geeks, Bradley Stabio
Cinema Verite, Carmine DePaulo
CinemaRaven, Van Wampler
Colorado Media School, Amy Nigrini
Crescit Eundo Productions, John Michael Shea
ILYAFILMS, Ilya Kushnir
Kids in the Ranch, Jim McClurg
RMO Films, Sean Williams
Studio E, Kenenth Buchler
The Filmingos, Nicholas Schmid
Twisted Hammock Studios, Byron Ferguson

Group D

7&CO, Wes Matheny
BS Filmworks, Brock Sherman
Cook St. Productions, Justin Tyrrell
Dream Team B, Taryn Peitzman
Half Past Nine Productions, Taylor Williams
Kathleen Turner Overdrive, Greg Palmer
Nix, Evan Nix
StrangeR Studios, Aj Koch
Studio2240, Don-John Kulish
Suburban Schmucks Productions, Tom Van Meel
The Hat Squad, Chuck Fiorella
The New School Old School, Ian Pearson
Underlab Studios, Jonathan Vinazza