The 48 Hour Film Project

The Amarillo 48 Hour Film Project

Exhausted Amarillo Teams Submit Films

Filmmaking teams from throughout the the Amarillo area successfully completed a weekend of filmmaking. Films were due on Sunday, April 19 and the last few minutes before the deadline saw filmmakers, operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline, rushing to get their films in on time.

All of the films that were submitted on Sunday night will screen on the dates below. Come see what the Amarillo area filmmakers can do!

Filmmaker Blog

Want to hear about the Amarillo 48HFP from the filmmakers themselves? Then check out the Amarillo 48HFP filmmaker blog, where Amarillo 48HFP participants tell us stories of their wild weekend of filmmaking.

Amarillo 48HFP Events

Premiere Screenings

Date  May 2nd
Time  to be announced
Place  The Branding Iron Theater , Box 60747, Canyon, Texas 79016
Notes  Fine Arts Complex, 25th St, Canyon, TX 79015

Amarillo 48HFP Links


Required Elements

Character  Eleanor or Ethan Evans, Funeral Industry Employee
Prop  socks
Line  "Today's the day." (or "Today is the day.")

Required Media

For the Amarillo 48HFP, your film must be submitted on one of the following media:

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Registered Teams

2in2out, Jeff Harbin
Amarillo College Film Club, Amarillo College Film Club
Augur Media Group, Alex Fairbanks
Broken Leaf, Ethan Griggs
Buffalo Media, Reece McKillip
Massive Score, Kristofer Fredrick
The JB Project Productions, David Limer
Three First Names , Gina Doss
Travalon Pictures, Travis Fanelli
W.A.T.C.H., Cody Perez
Wild Plains Productions, Justin Saenz