Element Assignment What's up with this character, prop & line?

At the Kickoff Event we will announce a character, a prop and a line of dialogue just a few minutes before the Official Filmmaking Period begins.

These elements must be included in your film.

The elements will vary from city to city, but in each location ALL teams will have the same required elements. It's up to each team to decide how to integrate them into their own film. Awards will be given for the best use of each of these elements.

Character Examples Here are some character examples from previous projects...

Jarod or Janice Puller

Richard or Rachel Andreus
Foreman/Crew Leader

Stan or Sarah Gibbs
Communicable Disease Specialist

Charlie or Charli Cipriani
Minor Celebrity

Oliver or Olivia Ball
Event Planner

Ali(stair) or Ali(son) Sanders

Prop Examples Here are some prop examples from previous projects...

a dollar bill

a brush

a ball

a briefcase

a big pink eraser

a book

a mask

a lightbulb


a greeting card

a bowl

a cushion

Line Examples Here are some line examples from previous projects...

"Let me tell you a secret."

"There's nothing to it."
or "There is nothing to it."

"You want the truth? So do I."

"There's a $2 service charge."
or "There is a $2 service charge."

Helpful Hints Did you know...?

Required Character

The required character does not have to be the star, but we must actually see him/her on the screen. Name tags, etc. are not necessary so long as the audience can infer who he/she is.

Required Prop

What do we need to clarify about the prop? It must be used as compared to photo... Whatever it is, prob also needs to be in faq

Genre Drawings

In addition to the element assignments, each team will draw a genre for their film at the Kickoff Event. Need to add link
more info...