Detroit 48 Hour Film Horror Project 2013

Brand New Music Videos

Filmmakers and bands throughout Detroit successfully completed a weekend of making music videos - operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline. All of the videos that were submitted will screen on the dates below. Come see what our film and music community can do!


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Detroit 48 Horror Teams

Grindley Studios, John Wisniewski
Crimson Smile, Mark France
Corbus Films (Damon), Damon Merchant
Corbus Films (Lortensia), Damon Merchant
Botticelli Management, Charlene Jeter
MHT Productions, Michael Taylor
Courageous Lion Cinema, Johnny Flynn
The Awesometastics, Demetrios Anastsiow
Midnight Oil Productions, Eddie Fritz
R Team, Travis Reynolds
The Motor City Massacre, Benjie Solorzano
Team HUSH, Justin Slanec
Scallywag Entertainment, Michael Stark
Quilted Dress, Grace Rowan
Indic Filmocracy, Makarand Nalgirkar
Schoolcraft Video Production, Connar L'Ecuyer
Big Foot Films, Tim Whalen
Broken Lightbulb, Cody Hudson
This IS my first rodeo, Amanda Looney
MAN-FIST DESTINY, Franz Vorenkamp
Girl Power (Morton DeWalt Pictures), Julie Ariane Russell
Local Goats, Rob Rose
Hola Valdez Films, Eric Valdez
Logline Pictures, Christopher Slat
Fusion, Jason Zacharias
Saga Cookies, Anthony Collamati
Blue Chucks, Anthony Collamati
The Faculty, Deborah Scott
klaatu barada nikto, Sean Duffy
Psych Ward Production, Gabe Bernacchi
Eightyproof Sunshine Films, Heather Porcel

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