Washington, District of Columbia May 3 - 5, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to The Big Honkin for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film Wishful Thinking will go on to represent Washington against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

Wishful Thinking by The Big Honkin

2nd Place: Best Film of 2013

As Is by Experience Studios

Required Elements

  • Character: Alex or Alexa Berbrick, Inspector
  • Prop: a drumstick
  • Line: "What do you think this is?"

2013 Film List

  • by 16e Films
  • 1100 by Mirandum Pictures

    Young woman is attacked on her way home, the must decide whether to meet the stranger who knows why.

  • 7 Minutes In Happen by Laugh Index

    A couple seeks to rekindle their love after a personal tragedy by playing a game from their youth.

  • Alex's Saving Grace by Red Pill Productions

    Passionate Pink Lip Gloss meets Chronic Bronchitis

  • As Is by Experience Studios

    A home inspector encounters an unusual infestation.

  • Berbricks by Crowded Elevator Pictures

    A family's fortune is not a game.

  • Blackstone by Alorium

    A new lawman works to free the town from the tyranny of a faceless foe.

  • Broquet by Ak-Shun Pictures

    Film crew follows around two bros on a blind date

  • Buddy Royale by Dino Power Productions

    Friendship saves the world.

  • Bufferman by Yellow Cow Productions

    Super hero discovers he cannot save the ocean by himself.

  • C-POP by Deep Fat Thermometer

    Another Mom and POP story

  • Calamity Jane by WIFV

    You think vacation is dangerous?

  • Camera-Shy by Studio One Twenty One

    Picture Imperfect

  • Clowning Around by SCIO films

    Two mentaly ill individuals

  • D.W.B.S. (Don't Wanna Be Sedated) by District Cinema

    Time Police. Fuck Yeah.

  • Distilled by Star Wipe Films

    Distilling is a messy process.

  • Dmitri by A.C.R.O.N.Y.M

    A family drama centered around a grandfather, his daughter and her son

  • Dude! Where's my Cake? by GuyLoki Films

    Someone has been eating my cake....

  • Dugokatow by ActinDude Productions

    Who's sleeping under your bed?

  • Early Bird by Plaskett Forest Films

    The early bird gets the worm.

  • Elasticity by Flying V

    Can the Mysterious Inspector find the Star Child before the Nefarious Doctor does??

  • Final Inspection by R Street Productions and Lofton Films

    Two all-American gal pals flip society’s expectations while extracting revenge.

  • Food For Thought by Untouchable Films

    3 zombies contemplate the beginning of the zombie apocalypse

  • For Rent by Anticipation Films

    Two girls debate whether they should take a house rented out by an eccentric rock star

  • Genetic Drift by Aura Media Productions

    An FBI Agent investigates mysterious unsolved murders.

  • Gesundheit! by Double Entendre

    A Sci-Fi Romance

  • Ghostaholics by Travesty

    In Limbo No One Can Hear You Belch

  • Grim Repo by Steak in a Suit

    The only thing worst then being dead, is dealing with the dead

  • H2No by 4&9 Productions

    It's not just a walk in the park.

  • He'll Talk by Avellino Studios

    Investigator betrays his client for money

  • Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow by I+H Productions

    Aging superheroes battle for survival

  • Hey Dave by OpalDaniels

    An idyllic suburban neighbothood held together by trust

  • Hold On by Zillionaires

    Is love possible after ?

  • Housewarming by The Team Formerly Known As (~^_^)~

    Are campfire stories always just stories?

  • Hypnos by Frozen Penguin Productions

    The Titans have awoken.

  • Influenced by Discordian Films

    20 dead. One survivor. Can Detective Mitchell crack the case without falling under The Influence?

  • KATA 1 by Consecution Productions

    When you can't use karate anymore...

  • Le Lait Renverse by Crash of Rhinos

    When Valjean spills the milk, he'll stop at nothing to satisfy his hunger.

  • Left by Two Proof Films

    Man hopes to atone for neglecting his wife on their anniversary. But is he too late?

  • Martini Black by The Betamacks

    Saving the world and falling in love are both hard, but Martini Black does them both in one day.

  • Mean Girls' Reunion by Performance Initiative

    Classmates return to visit a vengeful host

  • Misguidad by Fly By Night Films

    When the guides just can't take the tourists any longer.

  • Murder Suicide Intervention by Lack Thereof Productions

    An intervention for our suicidal hero Tom goes awry when people start "mysteriously" dying.

  • Never Meant to B-Movie Strippers by 22 Turtles

    What do you think this is?

  • No Place Like Home by Just Mezin

    It isn't experiencing a new place during vacations, as it is creting new experiences with friends.

  • Not Milk by Shoestring Guerrilla Productions

    Story of a relationship gone sour

  • NW by The Turkish Delights

    A candid rendition of an adventure out West

  • OMG R.I.P. by Paragon Productions

    A dark film with a comedic spin about two teenage girls texting and driving on the way to the beach.

  • On the FCC's Secret Service by Dupont Circle Pictures

    fight for the cell phones you love

  • Once Upon a Time in the DMV by Unknown Penguin

    A neophyte driver faces off against the DMV's meanest parallel parking inspector: Alex Berbrick

  • Outbreak! by Spoiler Alert Films

    On the run after a zombie outbreak, a man and woman must evade...them!

  • Perscription by DC Dogs

    A Case of Bad Medicine

  • Picnic In The Park by Nothing Sacred Productions

    A couple remember the good times and the bad time on yet another picnic.

  • Poulet Cinéma d'Art by French New Wave Surfers

    Young Superhero must fight to save the world from the dangers of hallucinogenic drumsticks

  • Pour Some Sugar Arm Me by Swedish Fashion Bloggers

    How arm and man come together and unit as one

  • Project Z by Wow Productions

    A drunk teenager looking for his girlfriend stumbles in on a party being attacked by a zombie.

  • Projections by Shankopotamus Designs

    A women needs a little help seeing things better.

  • Public Affairs by EPK Digital

    Public Affairs is a political drama following a congressman on the verge of an electoral victory.

  • Rabbit Trap by Shotgun Shakespeare productions

    Gentleman thief has a hare-raising good time stealing jewelry at an animal-welfare gala fundraiser.

  • Rat Jazz by Rat Jazz

    Phil Inspector and The Inspectors featuring Alex & Alex Berbrick struggle to

  • Reality Check by Kingdom Glory Works

    When your sense of reality is off, you’ll either conform to the system or get lost in it.

  • Red and Black Vengeance by Laughing With The Storm

    Three thugs get more than they bargained for when they mug a man carrying ancient artifacts.

  • Renn Paire by Critical Noise Lab

    Two third wheel roommates realize passion over renaissance connection.

  • Sands of Shadubi by Actors with Strings

    Be careful what you wish for

  • Song Bird Flu by Obscure Reference

    What happens when a man who can't sing catches a flu that can't stop him from singing

  • Song SOS by MP Film

    The music app enhanced his day...until it took over his life.

  • SPYCE by Cavegirl Productions

    A man does what he must do to learn his neighbors closely held secret.

  • Stars with Scarves by Corcoran

    A man takes only what is given to him.

  • Steven Ray and April: Love Without Parole by Sistine Robot

    April Jones finds the love of her life, an

  • Stick With It by Sage Neophyte

    Stick With Love

  • Superhero Squad by Jungleland Studios

    An insurance adjuster tries in vain to win a woman's heart posing as a superhero.

  • Tavern by Bigger Boat Productions

    A hero's quest to save the king

  • THE BEST B MOVIE EVER by john's dumb

    A man struggles to create the best film ever.

  • The Big Dance by Team Bebop

    A washed up detective is about to solve his case, but only one thing stands in his way, his daughter

  • The Bridges of Arlington County by PPA Films

    A troubled pair of strangers find a very unexpected future together.

  • The Brother by 106 Productions

    Careful whose sister you dump.

  • The Closet by Rocket Launch

    A gun wielding maniac comes to dinner

  • The Drumstick by Intrater Millenium Movies

    Alex Berbrick and Peter Sullivan try to capture a serial Killer.

  • The Favor by Heavy Contrast Films

    A depressed man asks an old friend for one last thing.

  • The Inspectors by The PUNishers

    Why can't we be friends?

  • The Jake and Charlie Show by Crisis Lab

    Crazier in Real Life.

  • The Love Bug by Citra Productions

    Alex goes to the home of a new pest control customer expecting to find bugs. He finds love, instead

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by RJX

    You're gonna get there anyway.

  • The Perfect Crust by Redhouse Images

    Confectionary criminals suffer the consequences of borrowing without asking.

  • The Rooftop by The Electric Scallops

    A sunny afternoon on the rooftop of an international hotel: what could go wrong.

  • The Runners by 12/56 Productions

    A family trying to escape a technological takeover

  • The Substitutes by Season Six

    When all the best interrogators are dead, you have to call in the Substitutes.

  • The Writer's Dilemma by Tohubohu Productions

    Writing buddies clash pens under a deadline.

  • Things Change by FutureHistoryLabs

    Guy tells his Best Friend that he just got engaged.

  • Three Strikes You're In by Spectrum

    Beautiful wife, fancy car, awesome house - that''s the ultimate trifecta. Or is it?

  • Tightrope by Panther Chameleon

    The downward spiral

  • Tone Draft by CrowStudios

    Crow studios

  • Trickster by Sciatica Veer

    A building inspector is visited by a demon.

  • Two Minutes by Odd Ax Films

    Beware the twilight rabbit

  • Vanilla by Peterwagon Films

    Three friends strive to raise money through unconventional means for their dog’s crucial operation.

  • Vindication by We Are Filmmakers

    Two buddies plan out to take down a major drug kingpin in the area

  • White Lie by Suicidal Squirrels Productions

    The short story of a man's battle with his own self conscious and the telling of a little white lie

  • Wishful Thinking by The Big Honkin

    Friends find a magic lamp

  • Wombmates by VHS Quality

    Behold, twins are born.

  • You Are Needed by Sweep the Leg, Johnny!

    You never know where you are needed

DC is the birthplace of the 48HFP!

In May of 2001, Mark Ruppert (Creator/ Executive Producer), Liz Langston (Co-Founder/ Executive Producer) and Christina Ruppert (Director of Operations) were all part of the team The Big Ouch. It was one of 10 teams in the inaugural 48 Hour Film Project and the required prop was a severed body part.

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