The 48 Hour Film Project

The Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project

See below for 2008 results.
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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Washington DC winners!

Best Use of Character
"The End of the Rainbow" by Musky Adventure

Best Use of Prop
"Spy, Gina, Spy" by The Quest

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
"Loins of America" by Has Been Productions

Best Graphics
"The Mark" by Oops! Productions

Best Sound Design
"I'll See You In Hell" by Everyday Astronaut

Best Cinematography (tie)
"American Revolution" by Roanoke
"Get Closer" by Dead City Films

Best Editing
"May Day" by Oozing Sarcasm

Best Writing
"Bad News Bearer" by Sprezzatura

Best Acting
"Mementos" by Integral Arts

Best Directing
"The Mark" by Oops! Productions

2nd Runner Up for Best Film
"The Mark" by Oops! Productions

1st Runner Up for Best Film
"I'll See You In Hell" by Everyday Astronaut

"Bad News Bearer" by Sprezzatura
Stephen Guidry, Team Leader

Audience Awards for the DC 48HFP

The audience has spoken!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
"The End" by Flat Feet Films

Audience Award Winner: Group B
"The Bad News Bearer" by Sprezzatura

Audience Award Winner: Group C
"Fairy Bust" by 3 mm Films

Audience Award Winner: Group D
"Skip to the End" by JSC Productions

Audience Award Winner: Group E
"I'll See You in Hell" by Everyday Astronaut

Audience Award Winner: Group F
"Get Closer" by Dead City Films

Audience Award Winner: Group G
"I Love You 2" by WIT Films

Audience Award Winner: Group H
"Mementos" by Integral Arts

Congratulations to all of our participants this year... a job well done!

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Photo by Andy Dunaway.


Character: Larry or Lori Gardner, Designer
Prop: a sauce
Line of Dialogue: "I'll be glad when he's gone."

Our Theater

DC Teams

3mm Films, Adi Lang
Abracadabra Poductions, Federica Mennella
Actors with Strings, Mark McKinney
An Ultramar Production, Chris Arth
Beit Meri Highland View, D.A. Twomey
branddave productions, Dave Peterson
Butch's All-Stars, Isadora Guerreiro
Cardiff Giant, Owen Palmquist
Cavegirl Productions, Kelley Slagle
Citra Productions, Ishu Krishna
D.E.S.K Productions, Stuart Haight
DC Dogs, Jonathan Zuck
Dead City Films, Brian Stansfield
Dissident Display, Ayodamola Okunseinde
Double Deuce Productions, Christopher Gallu
Drum Harmony, Kaleb Berhane
Dupont Circle Pictures, Thomas Jennings
Elbow Production, John Collin
Epsilon Eridani, Max Kosma
Everyday Astronaut, Jon Reiling
Fade To Infinity, Bobak Shafiei
Faisonfilm Productions, Al Faison
FBN Films, Bobby Koeth III
Filk Productions, Blain Topel
Film Junkies, Nathan Petrillo
Fine Wine Players, Char James Druguid
Flat Feet Films, Nicholas Dobson
FlatCat Productions, Kimberley Raue
Flying Turkey Productions, Monique Moore
Forty Eight Rs Media, David Dolinsky
Gaucho Pictures, Matt Patton
Green Llama Productions, Paxton Hare
Grinning Skull / BNR, Alex Colon
Habitual Offenders, Julie Govert
Has Been Productions, Christy Chenette
Hummingbird Productions, Serena McClain
Integral Arts, Barry Gribble
It's the Pizza Guy Productions, Lawrence Holzman
Jos Arcadio Buend a, Denis Vidal
JSC Productions, Joshua Siegel
Just Cuz, Domi Long
K.I.S.S. Productions, Mike Charbonneau
Karma vs Mojo, Michael Panfeld
Kennedy Offline, Joanna Greer
Knights of the B, Rob Benica
Luluhpictures, Clara Benice
Meat 84, Chris Magnuson
Midnight Hour Productions, Janine Sides
MonaLisa Productions, Lisa Vohra
Monkey Do, Derek Campbell
Morphic Sun, Jesse Baker
Musky Adventures, Scott DeGraw
My Mind, Matthew Hall
Neat Treats, Scott Zeiglers
Northwind Films, Peter Dowty
Numbered Films, Eric Wales
Obscure Reference, Timmothy McShane
Oozing Sarcasm, Wil McMillen
Ososabu, Oso Sabu
Out of Options Productions, Kevin Jones
Performance Initiative, Ted Bain
PFP, Win Stevens
PGCC Last Minitue Films Productions, Rodney Peake
PinPoint Productions, Adam Smith
Poison Poisson, Jen Peterson
Poolside Productions, Theresa Perkins Power Group Productions, John Lee
Puffy Shoe Productions, Benjamin Brudevold-Newman
ReelLight Films, Zhibo Lai
reflection:digital, Leslye James
Revolver Films, Chris Hale
River Run Films, Sean Murphy
Roadside Productions, Alex Malison
Roanoke, Jamie Nabers
Scribble, Matt Carl
Shiny Objects, Greg Rumpf
Short Term Productions, Rob Raffety
Sorry It's Thursday, Steven Bradford
Sprezzatura, Stephen Guidry
Starmaker Machinery, David Frosty Hemperly
Stratatek Studios, Brandon Howe
Team Constantine, CJ Trakas
Team Faccia, Ian Cook
Team FCF, Conrad Weaver
Team IVP, Jeff J. Davis
Team Monticello, John Goodwin
The Beta-Macks, Eric Gibson
The Firmamenters, Paul Sippola
The Kim Jong Thrill, Kevin Joyce
The Milstein Brand Film Production Society, Avi Brand
The Quest, Christopher Andersen
The Toad School, Scot McKenzie
Tohubohu, William Coughlan
Unfinished Productions, Mike Valentyne
Unfunded Mandate Productions, Jana Steiger
Untied Artists, David Morris
urbanrunic, tucker jones
Ursus Lotor, Gorky Cruz
Velvet Cake Productions, Rebecca Allegar
Wallow Away Films, Michael clements
Washed Up Productions, Charle Acierto
whoretoculture films, Anne Brown
WIT Films, Tyler Korba
Work In Progress, Greg Price