The 48 Hour Film Project

The Canon Challenge: 48h in HD

The 48 Hour Project Film, Canon, and Eyeka have the pleasure of having the Canon Challenge.

Discover what 11 filmmaking teams can do in only one weekend with a Canon XHA1 High Definition.

The rules of the challenge are simple: the teams have 48 hours to produce their short film. All creative work—writing, shooting, editing, scoring—must be done within these two days.

For "the Canon Challenge", each team drew from a hat a different genre (comedy, action/venture, mystery, science fiction/anticipation and lovesong, etc), and incorporated the following elements:

theme: the environment
line of dialogue: "It's too much!"
prop: a water carafe

The films premiered at the Shorts Film Corner in Cannes 2007. Then, in June 2007, the Eyeka Public Prize, was given to the team that had the most votes on Eyeka's website.

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The Canon Challenge Prizes

The Eyeka Public Prize
"Râ" by Minus & Cortex

Best Use of Theme
"L'Affaire Ficus" by Artnum

Best Use of Prop
"40 Hate" by Cigarz & Belly

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
"Les Ordures" by Pieds Nickels

Best Use of Genre
"Poulet sur Canapé" by Yves-Anna & Callaway

48 Hour Spirit Prize
"40 Hate" by Cigarz & Belly

The Funniest Film
"L'Affaire Ficus" by Artnum

Best Choreography
"La Dernière Fleur" by Alan Smithee

Best Title
"L'avant Dernier espoir (de l'humanité)" by RCUT

Best Effects
"Inspiration-Expiration" by Zolan Films

Best Music
"Mr. Environnement" by Blazer

Best Sound
"Râ" by Minus & Cortex

Best Cinematography
"Râ" by Minus & Cortex

Best Actor
Vincent Londez, "Ekolopathe" by Time Bomb

Best Actress
Célia Pilastre, "Ekolopathe" by Time Bomb

Best Editing
"Mister Environnement" by Blazer

Best Writing
"Fumer Tue" by Diagonal Productions

Best Directing
Julien David et Gilles Guerraz, "Ekolopathe" by Time Bomb

Best Film
"Râ" by Minus & Cortex

The 48 Hour Film Project Returns to Paris

The 48 Hour Film Project returns to Paris in October 2007. Filmmakers from all over France will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world for the title "Best 48 Hour Film of 2007".

Visit the Paris page for more information.






Nos Équipes

Alan Smithee Stefan De Vries
Artnum Olivier Dussause
Blazer Gaetan Chabanol
Cigarz & Belly Damien Scott
Diagonal Prod Benoit LeLièvre
Minus & Cortex Julien Sibre
Pieds Nickels Michael Guerraz
RCUT Laurent Grossetti
Time Bomb Julien David
Yves-Anna & Callaway Quentin Blondel
Zolan Films Cyril Zurbach