The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Chicago winners!


Best Use of Character

“On Time”

Best Use of Prop

“Smile Darling”

Best Use of Line of Dialogue


Best Special Effects

“On Time”

Best Costumes


Best Sound Design

“Fortune Cookies”

Best Music (tie)

“L’ Extraction” & “Miraculous Wonder Heart”

Best Acting

“Majesty of the Mermaid”

Best Editing

“L’ Extraction”

Best Script

“Majesty of the Mermaid”

Best Cinematography

“L’ Extraction”

Best Directing

L’ Extraction

Best Film

“The Majesty of the Mermaid: The Majestic Life of Jay Giordano” by Atlantic Productions


Group A
“Majesty of the Mermaid”

Group B

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Photo by Kelvin Kay.

Chicago Teams

7and20seconds, Jean Ziesch

ADHD Productions, Mac Warren

AmPro Productions, Mark Henrie

Atlantic, Alex O’Flinn

Big Booty Number One, Stacie Hawkins

Bungess, Scott & Eric Jenson

Cadillac Bros., Christopher Jones

Camp JerkH2O, Richard Zerbian

Fighting Mayhercies, Alison Mayer

Hexxed Productions, Keith Soljiach

LaWASA, Jaime Bolla

Lee/Voves, Joseph Voves

Little Babies, Rollin Hunt

mediarevs, James Kozar

Mischief Pictures, Dan West

noisivelvet, Joseph Baldwin

Production Royale, Charbel Nasser

Sjchweet Bishkit Productions, Danielle Paz

szn89productions, Stephen Noe

Team Pocky, Joshua Tsui

Twin Sisters Productions, Zia Sunseri