The 48 Hour Film Project

48 Hour Films at Cannes

This year marks the 8th year of our partnership with the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. The Cannes Film Festival is the granddaddy of them all. Each year the filmmakers who attend describe their experience as phenomenal.

This year the 48HFP delegation will be lead by our top films from Filmapalooza:

Grand Champion Best Film 2013
"Geen Klote!" by De Filmband from Amsterdam

1st Runner Best Film 2013
"La Boullabaisse" by Anian Film from Rome

2nd Runner Best Film 2013
"Le Metronome" by Ça va le faire from Paris

The 10 films that represent the 48HFP at the Cannes Film Festival are official members of the Short Film Corner. And, as part of our partnership with the festival, we will have a special screening of our films.

Congratulations to the filmmakers whose 48 Hour Films are going to Cannes!

48 Hour Films at Cannes 2014

  • "Geen Klote!" by De Filmband [Amsterdam]
  • "La Boullabaisse" by Anian Film [Rome]
  • "Le Metronome" by Ça va le faire [Paris]
  • "Nikisz Haze" by Panato [Katowice]
  • "Coverage" by Amalgamated Grommets [Los Angeles]
  • "Wishful Thinking" by The Big Honkin [Washington, DC]
  • "Mama's As" by Filmdok [Nijmegen]
  • "Don't Shoot the Cat" by Hollyveld [Johannesburg]
  • "わたしのお菓子" by osushi [Osaka]
  • "Le Grand Ecart" by Bikiny Brodas [Lausanne]

Want to know more about Cannes?

Check out what the 48 Hour Filmmaker Brad Stabio from team Cinema Geeks out of Denver had to say about Cannes 2011:

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