The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

See below for 2005 results.
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Congratulations to all our winners
and competitors!

The 48hr Film Project Screenings were held on Saturday 29th October at the Suncorp Piazza at South Bank Brisbane to an audience of close to 1500 people!

All competing films for the 48hr Film Project were screened, showing the audience what truly quality films can be created in just 48 hours.

Our major judges prizes went
to the following teams:

3rd prize ($500 QPIX voucher)
went to A-Vision for their Spy film Systemic.

2nd prize ($2000 Cutting Edge voucher)
went to Standout for their Comedy film Clark's.

1st prize ($3000 Avid Editing Package)
went to Revelations Greeting Card Company for their Musical film Happenin' Town.

The audience prize of sponsors 'goodies' was also given to Revelations, who’s Musical about the cultural delights of Brisbane was an all round favourite.

Revelations Greeting Card Company is now in the running to receive International acclaim when the film screens as a part of the World Best of 48hr Film Projects at Cinequest in San Jose in 2006.

Congratulations to all of the following competing teams for making their films in only 48 hours!
Mollison St Productions - The Target Kenmore Seniors - Inside Go Team - Superheros Exposed - Invisabloke Timeline - Together Genre Hoppers - Bipolar Man Nineteen Seventy Seven - Saving Mrs. Robinson Close-up - Getaway.

A big thanks to all our teams for 2005 and to all of the supportive audience at the screenings!

The organizers of the 48hr Film Project would also like to thank the following people and sponsors:

Our hosts for the screenings - Andrew Leavold (Trash
Video) and Lara Kappler (Short Film Distillery) Our industry judges - Anne Smallwood (Brisbane
Filmmaker) and Gabrielle Jones (Brisbane Producer) & Andrew & Lara again!

Our Major sponsors - Avid, Cutting Edge, QPIX, South Bank Corporation, Queensland School of Film & Television, United International Pictures Our supporting sponsors - Griffith Film School, Cirque Cafe, Media Deli Other people we love - Jason Joseph, Erin Houselander, Julie Brooks, John Doolan, Joseph Browning, the RedBull Energizing Team, and everyone who has assisted with the promotion of the 48hr Film Project!

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Photo by Matt Grehan.