The 48 Hour Film Project

48 Hour Film Project Fall Shootout

You can now see Hatuchama films on your phone!
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Twenty-seven city-winning teams completed films in the 48 Hour Film Project Fall Shootout on the weekend of November 2nd through 5th. They received the character, prop, line of dialogue, and genre by email Friday at 7pm local time and had until the post office closed on Monday to send us their film. The list of participating teams can be found to the right. The films can be seen on

Unlike any previous 48 Hour Film Project events, all teams were assigned the same genre—comedy/action adventure—and were asked to feature a member of the Hatuchama in their film. The teams received an amulet in the mail, as well as the Hatuchama tattoo.

"Hatuchama?" you say. "What the heck is that?"

Well the HATUCHAMA \hah too chah mah\ are a recently discovered secret society of people with supernatural powers. It is believed that members of the group derive their powers from special training and powerful amulets that have been passed down through the centuries. Not much is known about the supernatural powers of the Hatuchama. It is clear that the power differs from one Hatuchama to the next, and without his/her special amulet, the Hatuchama is powerless. Like the society itself, the powers have largely remained secret. Historians over the years have been able to piece together a list of powers linked to suspected Hatuchama. They include: Levitation, Hyper-Observation, the Chameleon Effect, Hyper-Speed and Acute Sense of Smell.

For the ancient website about the Hatuchama, go to, and to see the Tales of the Hatuchama go to


Congratulations to Team Juicebox from Seattle, who won the Fall Shootout with their film, "Lethal Cotillion"! And congratulations to all participants in the Fall Shootout—our judges remarked at how difficult it was to make the decision.

"Lethal Cotillion" will play at Filmapalooza and Cannes, and Team Juicebox will go on to participate in the HD Filmmaker Showdown.

See Them on Your Sprint, Nextel, or Vision Phone

To see Hatuchama films on your Sprint, Nextel, or Vision phone, follow the instructions below.

For Sprint or Nextel multimedia phones: Go to the multimedia player (channel 31 under Movies) and select Shorts and then BlipTV/ShortbrainTV.

For Vision phones: Look under Applications : Entertainment : TV : ShortbrainTV.

Hatuchama Films can also be seen on the Sprint/Nextel Channel. Enjoy!

Other Years

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Character: a member of the Hatuchama
Prop: a book (EST)
adhesive tape (CST)
a clock (MST)
an envelope with a letter inside (PST)
Line of Dialogue: "That's the Hatuchama way."

Participating Teams

Amaglamated Motion Pictures (Little Rock)
Blooming Productions (Indianapolis)
The Branching (Richmond)
Chaos Pictures (Providence)
Cinema Syndicate (Portland, Oregon)
Crystal Cleer Productions (Las Vegas)
Family Cave (Baltimore)
Hexxed Productions (Chicago)
Implicted (New Orleans)
Integral Arts (Washington, DC)
The Keen Collaboration (Greensboro)
Lemurs Is Productions (St. Louis)
Marflux Productions (Nashville)
Meatball Posse (Philadelphia)
Mojo Solo (Minneapolis)
No Dice Productions (Cleveland)
172,800 and Counting (Salt Lake City)
Orionvega Designs (Pittsburgh)
Point Blank Films (Buffalo)
Sneaky Fish (Fargo)
Subject to Change (San Francisco)
Tank Collective (Dallas)
Tapioca Productions (Boston)
Team Juicebox (Seattle)
Test Kitchen (Austin)
Viva La VHS (Tampa)
We Make Pictures Move (Asheville)