The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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Best of the Boston 2007 48HFP on DVD

The Best of the 2007 Boston 48 Hour Film Project is now available on DVD! These films are included:

  • "Rich Dillson, Realtor" by Hooray for Funn
  • "No Hard Feelings" by the UNcommonwealth
  • "The Rulz" by Startled Marmot Production
  • "Clipped" by Glasseye
  • "Better Off Bread" by 20 American Dollars
  • "Lift" by Triboluminescence
  • "Quin Quimby and the Itchy Scourge" by And Now, Spot
  • "Unfinished Business" by Summer Villa
  • "Skip & Bud" by the Great Danes
  • "En Medias Res" by Tapioca Productions
  • "Eleanor Stops by for a Bite" by We're Making a Movie
  • "Stand Up Mandy" by Orange Path Films
  • "The Quimby Files" by the Jets

Come and get it!

The Judges Have Spoken!

With special thanks to our judges—Peter Keough, Wesley Morris, and Thelma Schoonmaker—and to all of our filmmakerss, we are proud to announce the award winners for the the Boston 48 Hour Film Project.

Most Subtle to Non-Existent Use of Prop
Tapioca Productions for "In Medias Res"

Best Use of Spiral Notebook
Startled Marmot Productions for "The Rulz"

Best Use of Character
The Great Danes for "Skip & Bud"

Best Use of Prop
Orange Path Films for "Stand Up Mandy"

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
Tapioca Productions for "In Medias Res"

Best Use of Genre
We’re Making a Movie for "Eleanor Stops by for a Bite"

Best Costumes
Hooray for Funn for "Rich Dillson, Realtor"

Best Special Effects
We’re Making a Movie for "Eleanor Stops by for a Bite"

Best Titles
The UNcommonwealth for "No Hard Feelings"

Best Song
Jeff Stern for "When You Come Up with Something Good, Let Me Know" from "Stand Up Mandy"

Best Actress
Rekha Shaikh for "Skip & Bud"

Best Actor [tie]
Michael Leo Judge for "In Medias Res", and
Evan Monsky for "Rich Dillson"

Thelma Schoonmaker’s Best Editing Award
Benjamin Eckstein for "In Medias Res"

Best Script
Hooray for Funn for "Rich Dillson, Realtor"

Best Cinematography
Benjamin Eckstein for "In Medias Res"

Producers’ Choice Award
(given to a film that, in the opinion of the Producers, deserves special recognition)
The Jets for "The Quimby Files"

Best Directing
Audubon Dougherty for "In Medias Res"

Best Film
Tapioca Productions for "In Medias Res"

Filmmaker Blog

Want to hear about the Boston 48HFP from the filmmakers themselves? Then check out the Boston 48HFP Filmmaker Blog, where Boston 48HFP participants tell us stories of their wild weekend of filmmaking.

Audience Awards

The audience has spoken! What follows are the Audience Awards for the Boston 2007 48 Hour Film Project.

Audience Award: Group A
"The Rulz" by Startled Marmot Production

Audience Award: Group B
"Clipped" by Glasseye

Audience Award: Group C
"Sneaker Double Feature" by Playomatic

Audience Award: Group D [tie]
"Rich Dillson, Realtor" by Hooray for Funn
"Skip & Bud" by the Great Danes

Audience Award: Group E
"Eleanor Stops by for a Bite" by We’re Making a Movie

Audience Award: Group F
"The Road" by Danny Glover’s Super Action Adventure Force Brigade Squad

Audience Award: Group G
"Better Off Bread" by 20 American Dollars

Audience Award: Group H
"No Hard Feelings" by the UNcommonwealth

Audience Award: Group I
"The Uey" by Vacilando

Audience Award: Group J [tie]
"Quimby Files" by the Jets
"Stand Up Mandy" by Orange Path Films

Congratulations to our audience award winners and everyone who made a film in just 48 hours!

Liens 48HFP


Photo by Ian Howard.


Character: Tom or Thea Quimby, Gossip
Prop: a shoelace
Line of Dialogue: "When you come up with something good, let me know."

Teams and Screenings

Group A, Tuesday May 8th, 7pm

Bait & Tackle, Mike Goudzwaard
Carlisle Films, Claude von Roesgen
8-Man Productions, Daniel Hemmerly-Brown
Gators, Michael Gorenberg
ImprovBoston, Don Schuerman
Pearl Street, Eric Strattman
The Six Shooters, Michael Ouellette
Startled Marmot Productions, Evan McGee
Stone Masons, Regina Wakefield
WETDOG, James Smith

Group B, Tuesday May 8th, 9:15pm

Big e Productions, Erich Mettler
Castparty Productions, Justin Fielding
Crazed Weasel Entertainment, Brendan Millet
Glasseye, Scott Palmer
HEAD FuHDge, Jenn Dlugos
KDS Productions, Marsha Browne
LongShot Film, John Kelly
PeopleTree Productions, Brian Dunn
Ten Union Robots, Maitland Lederer
The Wild Turkeys, Caitlin Butterworth

Group C, Wednesday May 9th, 7pm

Abandon Ship Productions, Ben Hill
Chili Willy Posse, Bill Fleming
The Crunken Angels, Anna Ostow
Infinite Intelligent Bots, Carl Lachance
Momentus Movements, Ryan Mills
Moose Films, David Canfield
Pirate Funded Productions, Jay Bell
Playomatic, Steven Stuart
TimeOff, Nancy Salzer

Group D, Wednesday May 9th, 9:15pm

And now, Spot, Larry Andersen
Blaze Entertainment, Robert Blasi
The Great Danes, Christopher Swank
Hooray For Funn!, Nathan Laver
lame duck productions, Joseph Catalfano
Lyve Media, Frank Flahive
Men With Big Shiny Spears, Kevin Anderton
OBNOTS, Joed Polly
Posse Productions, Jeffrey Ralto
Vaudeville Pictures, Peter Cancilla

Group E, Thursday May 10th, 7pm

DA’ Block Presents, Crosby Tatum
Echoplanar, Nathanael Hevelone
Magic Jackalope Productions, Salvatore Marchese
Mattimeo Films, Jessica Saccardo
The Minty Fresh, James Buckley
Mr. Guadelupe, Ben Crowell
Present Tense Productions, Todd Prekaski
Triboluminescent Productions, Vanessa Vartabedian
We’re Making a Movie, Michelle Barbera

Group F, Thursday May 10th, 9:15pm

Ashlandic Manifesto, Chuck Lyle
Collective Subconscious Productions, Ned Scannell
Daemonswine, Patrick Murray
Danny Glover’s Super Action Adventure Force Brigade Squad, Catie Schadlick
the mud, the blood, the beer, Cody Morrow
Quietman, Brian Higgins
Robot and the Ready Readies, Stephen Wrobleski
Tapioca Productions, audubon dougherty
Top Feeg, Joe LaRocca

Group G, Tuesday May 15th, 7pm

Baz Films, Jason Bazinet
Dayscape Limited, Joshua Dolby
Mapadot Film, Fred Robbins
Recordium, Stephen Brown
Summer Villa, Bruce Spero
Talking Pie Productions, James Kent
Tattoo Pictures, William Jim
The Trashy Bastards, Joel Walker
20 American Dollars, Jeremy Wahlman

Group H, Tuesday May 15th, 9:15pm

Alarm Clock Theatre, Brian Polak
Blue Harvest, Jared Detsikas
The Council of Nothing, Sean Stevens
Epic Lag Productions, Matt Cook
Five Pimps and a Ho Productions, Nicole Prowell
Mind Medicine Productions, David Elder
Red Light District Attorneys, Nicholas Semanko
Team 47, Robert Colonna
The Faucet Drinkers, KJ Wang
The Uncommonwealth, Tom Roy

Group I, Wednesday May 16th, 7pm

Baitshop/Burt Wood, Andrew Osborne
Evil Hand Productions, Marty Lang
Hoosier Daddy, Guy Hillman
Mankind Makes An Attic inc., Nicholas Murray
Oh My God Productions, Christopher Brown
Quarter Life Crisis, Rachel Imbriglio
Team Torpor, Dave Baron
The Element, Andrew St. George
three times productions, Yari Wolinsky
Vacilando, William Smyth

Group J, Wednesday May 16th, 9:15pm

Argali Films, Tim Smith
Boston Accent Films, Don Warnock
Flea Circus, Basil Cleveland
The High-Heeled Bitches, Matt Proch-Wilson
Jets, Chris Gaines
Orange Path Films, Jeff Stern
Overjoyed Productions, Bill Fagley
Sharks, Christopher Gaines
Somervillans, Macaela Vandermost
Team Yebba, Michael Yebba