Atlanta, Georgia June 15 - 17, 2012

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to FUGO Studios for winning Best Film of 2012. Their film A Head Held High will go on to represent Atlanta against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2013.

1st Place: Best Film of 2012

A Head Held High by FUGO Studios

2nd Place: Best Film of 2012

Junk by The Chorus

Required Elements

  • Character: Jackson or Jackie Lewis, Athlete
  • Prop: a cell phone
  • Line: "Why don't you try again?"

Audience Favorite: Group A

The Long Walk Across the Street by Ghost Light Filmz

Audience Favorite: Group B

Stalled by White Flame Studios

Audience Favorite: Group C

A Head Held High by FUGO Studios

Audience Favorite: Group D

Junk by The Chorus

Audience Favorite: Group E

Unspoken Love by FiveFour Films

Audience Favorite: Group F

Maxed Out by Whistler Industries

Best Writing

Stalled by White Flame Studios

Best Editing

Junk by The Chorus

Best Directing

A Head Held High by FUGO Studios

Best Cinematography

A Head Held High by FUGO Studios

Best Sound Design

Symphony of Silence by Third Place Productions

Best Musical Score

The Long Walk Across the Street by Ghost Light Filmz

Best Actor

Kj Saifullah SOL by Superlux

Best Actress

Margo Dietrich Stalled by White Flame Studios

Best Ensemble Acting

Stalled by White Flame Studios

Best Graphics

Stalled by White Flame Studios

Best Special Effects

48 Hour Vacay by Art City

Gamerz by Bontrager Twins Productions

Best Choreography

The Long Walk Across the Street by Ghost Light Filmz

Best Costumes

Limbo by Warm Day Films

Best Use of Character

Stalled by White Flame Studios

Best Use of Prop

Junk by The Chorus

Best Use of Line

Within Reach by Whitestone Motion Pictures Proteges

2012 Film List

  • #Losing: The Jackson Lewis Story by First 48

    Losing makes you greater.

  • +Share by Fighters of the night man

    Social media share button strikes

  • 3/48: The Jackie Lewis Story by Phuzion

    The grayed lines of morality lead to deadly results.

  • 48 Hour Vacay by Art City

    Vacation from Hell

  • A Head Held High by FUGO Studios

    In bad times, a head held high.

  • A Moment in Time by Orphanage Filmz

    Scars of a Pro Atheletics Moment

  • Bad Egg by Barp Productions

    A sad, pathetic man finds an abandoned egg and takes it in to care for it.

  • Beard Horse by Alex Orr

    an existential western about loss

  • Buford Nights by BARAKA

    A sycho kills Latin prostitutes until a cop interferes in his ventures.

  • Bulking Up by Sacagawea

    Two Dudes' Search for Roids

  • Chasing the Bowl: Triumph or Tragedy by MG Productions

    Very talented athelete struggles with his addiction

  • Chippewa Treasure by Sparklight Films

    A map, buried treasure and a night in the woods.

  • Crimes of Passion by People Be Trippin' Productions

    The passion between fact and less than fact.

  • Crossing the Line by Automatic Improv

    Picked upon office worker Bill hires his own cop, then makes the mistake of falling for her.

  • Disconnected by Inspired

    Driven to the edge of insanity, a man is determined to be with his wife once again, but at what cost

  • Divorce House by Catalyst Productions

    Where Divorce Comes to Live

  • Duece Ex Machina by Au Productions

    When a 1971 Championship Tennis player unwittingly downs some LSD, the effects are priceless.

  • For A Pound Of Flesh by Awarewolf

    A gritty neo-noir-western about a man hiding from his past in the last place he feels safe.

  • Four Flats by Intelligent Design

    Buddies who are true ride and die friends

  • Four Is Heaven by Shooting for the Stars

    A young boy fantasizing about having many wives convinces him it would be a man's worst nightmare.

  • Gamerz by Bontrager Twins Productions

    Father and Son Share a hidden secret

  • Gene Pool by Tub-O-Popcorn Productions

    A father and son reunite on Father's Day over a game of pool.

  • Getting To Third by shoot! Multimedia

    Claus and his friends tell the story of how they met star baseball player Jackie Lewis.

  • gumshoe by Fighting Mongooses

    A down on his luck detective working on a case at a motel spirals down a sleazy gutter of madness.

  • Happy Holiday by Street Souljas Productions

    This year, Christmas gets K.O.'d

  • Happy Holiday by MAVIN

    Thrust in the middle of an awkward family Christmas party, Una must face her boyfriend's mother.

  • HardBoiled by SoKlor Productions

    A hardboiled detective asks all the right questions to determine who's behind an act of foul play.

  • He Knows Me So Well by Ferret Goddess Productions

    Trapped in a closet,a woman struggles to escape, while the man in the next room prepares her fate.

  • Hide and Seek by Khaleesi and her Khalasar

    Two children play a game of "Hide and Seek" with deadly consequences.

  • I love you too Jackson by Just me

    love times four makes for interesting conversions at a gay bar.

  • In Between by Hdmi Media

    Disoriented by the pills and booze, a man tries to find his way to his dead wife.

  • In This Corner by DIM Pictures

    A disgraced boxer, victim to his own entitled lifestyle, tries to fight his personal demons the

  • Intrepid by Fanatik Productions

    A fearless young woman battles underworld ties and crooked cops to save her brother

  • It's Not You, It's Me by Vision Philms

    A Serial Killer On the Loose May Have Found the Perfect Victim.

  • Jackie and the Beanstalk by southern crescent produtions

    A runner must navigate an absurd world and battle an unlikely foe to retrieve her lucky shoes

  • Junk by The Chorus

    Two men, one mission. Don't get caught.

  • Lacerations by JoJaqs Imagination

    A girl, wrought with family troubles and physical & social inadequacies finds ways to end the pain.

  • Limbo by Warm Day Films

    Andy rendezvous with his dead lover in his dreams

  • Long Distance by Aperture

    When a man fells his marriage is slipping, he initiates a rouse to win his wife back.

  • Love Thang by NewStar Productions

    When women get feed up with men

  • Making the Cut by The Collective Project, Inc. & MonsterBuster Entertainment

    Options are limited in Post-Apocalyptia. Finding the right team is the only way to survive.

  • Maxed Out by Whistler Industries

    When a down-and-out sports agent loses his best client, it's time to hustle!

  • Memoirs of the Terminally Bored by Dawson Student Films

    Never play with ghosts

  • Mind Erasers by Bush Jumping

    What becomes of the mind when knowledge becomes a currency?

  • Now and Then by Entertainment Technology Council

    A young father dreams ahead of raising his infant daughter.

  • Pembelton's Problem by Odd Sea

    It's about communication and taking charge!

  • Perception by Felton Films

    A woman's fantasy made real thanks to a telepathic loner

  • Ready or Not. by Aposseadesse Productions

    Two friends become the unexpected babysitters of a unusual child.

  • Reflection by The Yeager Road Gang

    A fallen athlete living alone, and down on his luck is driven over the edge by his own reflection.

  • Sacked by NHS

    A young girl fights against all odds to win a potato sack race

  • Satan's Gift by Xxtreem Scriptwork

    One of God's Angels delivers a fatal gift on Christmas Day.

  • Saving Grace by What the Hell

    Sometimes we runaway from our lives greatest joys.

  • Say Uncle by Cogito Creative

    An uptight uncle & deadbeat nephew over the weekend, realize they have lots to learn from the other

  • Sex Therapy by 40 Ate Ours

    A normal couple goes to sex therapy to save their normal relationship.

  • Smoke by Hour Hand's Broken

    When a young detective investigates an assault at a high school,

  • SOL by Superlux

    A father struggles to help his son re-imagine life before the apocalypse.

  • Solemates by K.A.N.

    The right pair of shoes can change your whole life

  • Spin by The Graduates

    A tennis star is abducted and fights to escape. It's a matter of life and death – or is it?

  • Stalled by White Flame Studios

    Two ne'er-do-wells assist a stranger only to find themselves in quite the pickle.

  • Stricken by 3 Green People & the wonder friends

    The last place you look

  • surprise Party by Pop Culture Architects

    Time for cake

  • Symphony of Silence by Third Place Productions

    Sometimes you don't have to hear to listen

  • The Chamber by Blue Scorpion Films

    Hurdling rape, her mothers death & fathers execution, Jackie Lewis runs the biggest race of her life

  • The Golden Arm by Glass Door Entertainment

    Some gold isn't meant o be dug up.

  • The Long Ride Home by Special Technique Productions

    Freak chases the woman of his dreams

  • The Long Walk Across the Street by Ghost Light Filmz

    Fanatical Block Captain takes measures into his own hands in order to protect the sacred code.

  • The Man in the Seeksucker Suit by Omega Boy Productions

    After years of bad dating, Jackie & Ken's guardian angels intervene with special help.

  • The Time Machine? by Fresh Dough Pictures

    A group of kids invent a time machine and are supposedly sent back to the 30s

  • The World by Project Mayhem

    A young woman struggles with her inner demons to find answers

  • Too Late by Curious Intentions

    Two longtime teammates find themselves at odds while driving to the biggest game of their life's.

  • Try Again by Waiting For November Productions

    An aspiring track star finds his coach ever-present at his blunders, both on and off the field.

  • Try Again by Fevered Minds

    A man gets the chance to save his relationship with his son.

  • Unspoken Love by FiveFour Films

    A street performing mime wins over a lovely young jogger, one day at at time.

  • Welcome Home Jackson by Godmother Productions

    Jackson Lewis returns home to extended family, as documented by a paranormal.

  • Wingman by Stella Dog

    When their car breaks down on the side of the road, two friends learn about life, love, and the ham.

  • Within Reach by Whitestone Motion Pictures Proteges

    A young girl accidentally slips into a pool and has a surreal encounter with Death.

  • Writer's Block by Roswell Films

    Young writer finds inspiration to life and love through an enigmatic message

  • You're So Pretty by Scott Balzer

    Man's Best Friend???

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