The 48 Hour Film Project

Best of the 2008 48HFP DVD

  Best of the 2008 48 Hour Film Project on DVD

48HFP Shorts: Best of 2008!


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See the work of some of the most creative up-and-coming indie filmmakers in the world! These top films, all created in 48 hours—including using an assigned genre, character, prop, and line of dialogue—will impress you with their movie-making skills and imagination.

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Films Included

  City Film Name Team Name Logline  
Paris "Transfert" FatCat Films A charming airline pilot lives a peaceful life in Paris until suddenly he doesn't seem himself anymore.
Tel Aviv "An Old Scam" Ha'amoraim Senior citizens rob a drug store to get the elixir of youth.
Los Angeles "Moment of Silence" Par-t-com Productions Ronald Donellson's game party is almost derailed when nothing sounds as it should.
London "Fused" thefyzz Love at the flick of a switch.
Columbus "Aidan 5" Jakson In a city of clones, one investigator follows a trail of bodies that hits too close to home.
Minneapolis "Birth Marked for Death" Dorkus Rainbowpants An undercover cop forms an unlikely friendship with the rookie mob executioner who's driving him to his doom.
Honolulu "Salam" Indievisual Studios Finding peace.
Philadelphia "Kitchen Aide" No Right Return Through whimsical domestic adventures, a dishwasher, an oven, and a telephone attempt to mend their owner's broken heart.
San Antonio "Four Minutes Till the End" Team Film Classics Productions If the whole world is ending in four minutes, what do you do with that time?
Toronto "The Hall" Hungry Camera Company As a nervous detective tries to impress his lovely neighbor, he must face his biggest fear: a giant menacing owl.
Milwaukee "Backwoods" Studio Bib Simmons A small-town cop investigates a mysterious massacre of a group of campers.
Houston "Rushin'" Sweet Baby Jesus Productions Running late for work again, a hapless waiter worries about more than just missing the bus when he receives vital information from a dying spy.
Buffalo "Life, Before Your Eyes" BeHoLD Pictures A young woman in love foresees the future with her man.
Cincinnati "Robot Love from Another World" Pizza Infinity Love is not mechanical?
Rome "Amaranto" Urban Team A prostitute sets out on a mission to find her missing colleague.
Portland, Oregon "Take the Body and Run" Overcast Productions Two buddies take a road-trip to fulfill a project.